Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chefs for Charity - Mark Your Calendars!

How the morning looks without my contacts...not bad

I'm so lucky to be able to take my dinghy to work, a slow ride along clear water, views up and down Ensenada Honda, sail boats hobby horsing on the ups and downs of wavelets. When I get to where I tie up, there is a yard with plethora of beautiful flowers to feast on before hitting the corner. I'd not seen these blooms before and there are dozens of them cascading down...I don't know what they are called for real - I call them champagne cups because at a wedding I went to they were used to serve works!

The sky yesterday was full of wisps and layers of clouds shaded from white to deep grey that held only a few drops of rain for us, even as thunder shook the walls...

The Main Event
We have a great upcoming dining opportunity that, if you are fortunate enough to live here or to be visiting, should be on your *must-do* list. Here is a preview of the flyers, from Carmen Rosa. Thanks Carmen!! Don't forget you can click on the image to enlarge it. For 20 bucks we'll be getting great food, a chance to be together socially (rather than just at the PO saying hello) and doing something good for Culebra's children and their families, all at the same time. In these financially tough times, it's a heck of an excellent deal (I have to say heck, those sisters are TOUGH!).!

(English translation below)
Asociación Educativa pro Desarrollo Humano de Culebra, Inc.

P.O. Box 477 Culebra, PR 00775

Tel (787) 742-0259

Non-profit organization since 1985

Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 7:30pm we will have the Chefs for Charity, to benefit the Asociación Educativa de Culebra. This association with more than 20 years of existence has as its objective improving the quality of life of the residents of Culebra.

The association has a Pre-school Center and Early Stimulation for children 2 to 6 years old. It does not receive legislative funds and depends on the big heart of the friends of Culebra to service the 15 little Culebrenses that participate at the center. The agency also offers community assistance to the community in general.

The activity will be at Bahía Marina Resort in Culebra at 7:30pm and for only $20.00 you can taste the special dishes of the participating restaurants and enjoy the music of the Tinglao group.

If you cannot attend, you can cooperate by buying a ticket and endorsing it so a resident can attend. Tickets are available at the Asociación, El Edén Restaurant or at Bahía Marina.

Come and join us! Hope to see you at Bahía Marina, Culebra at 7:30pm on November 7, 2009. The Culebrenses will appreciate it!

Mark your calendar!


  1. This event needs to be done again in the spring, oh, say about April 24th or May 1.

  2. Well perhaps, but did you miss the line about donating a ticket? :) You can be here without being here! Well you already are but...dollar wise...I mean!

  3. The sisters run Centro Apoyo, this is Carmen Rosa's

  4. Doesn't make them any less tough!