Monday, October 19, 2009

Just another day in Paradox

Because we never know what is going to happen next is an excellent reason to wake up early!

Yesterday a friend showed up with some of his buddies to have a house painting party. Since I usually only see him as a drive by hello/so long at the cart when he is here, solo to work on the house or with his wife and children to play, I decided to head to Dinghy Dock and actually have a chance to catch up. I think I put some of the bar, including Neil, into shock since I'm rarely out at night - I gotta do this more often!

I don't see a speck of paint on any of these guys...and I looked!
(Notice the pretty new roof Neil got for the bar?)

Chuck kept watch and alerted me to the Greg landing

I may be crazy, but I think every man in the bar wanted to be on this boat

I was pretty happy being right where I was. Life is good!

My dinghy engine truly fixed now, meaning I had time on the water, zipping around, fishing, admiring the wake little Spunky makes, seeing an old friend, and making a couple of new ones amidst a lot of laughter... Oh yes, sometimes the Para in paradox works overtime to help remind me of the many reasons why I live here...Que serendipity...sera sera


  1. these hilltop haven (as Joanna called it) pictures are killin' me. and glad you got out to survey Neil's roof at night....

  2. ahhhh...yes, the roof survey by night is very important. Neil counts on me for these things...

    Hilltop haven; I like that a lot. The dogs are so prescient - they always make sure I'm up for a good color show, otherwise, I get to sleep a few more minutes.

  3. Frank's wife10/19/09, 8:05 PM

    Looks like those boys are having a great time! MJ, I am sure Frank especially was happy to have some hang out time with you. but yes, curiously not a speck of paint to be seen!! Hmmmm . . .

    Frank's wife : )

  4. Yes,they claimed to have cleaned up for the evening out but since I've never met a paint can that didn't jump on me, I was a wee bit curious! Wish you were here and I know you do too, but I am sure the boys are having a great "work holiday" - I'm back to routine home time, but it was fun to have a Night Out With The Boys! I felt like a high school girl - which takes a lot these days ;) See you next time!!!

  5. Magic day on the Isla...What a shot at dawn and what a night at Dinghy!

  6. MJ-

    As I sit in my hotel room in Old San Juan on Wednesday night, able to access the internet for the first time since Sunday night ... I must say that th epaint on my shoes when I actually stepped into and knocked over the paint can is proof that SOME painting took place! :-) You showing up on Sunday night was one of the highlights of the trip. See you in December ... next time we can talk more because you won;t be getting a back rub from some Norwegian guy!! Frank

  7. I'm pleased to know you did open the paint can...but stepping into it to prove you were near paint is a bit over the top, even for you! It was great to see you and what do you mean no Norwegian guy backrubs? I thought that was going to be my Christmas present!!
    See you in December!