Monday, October 5, 2009


Today being a more than ordinarily quiet day (and that's saying something these days) I really didn't have anything to post about...until I was looking out my window and there was the moon peeking in.

But that isn't what made me post. The moon is always sneaking into my window, into my body and into my mind. And I welcome it, but it wasn't something new. This turned into something new.

There is a tropical wave meandering through here and I could hear the thunder but I hadn't seen the lightning until I was in the yard. I've never tried to photograph lightning - there are experts who do that! But I thought, why not and here is what I got. Nothing spectacular and I have lots to learn, but it was really a lot of fun doing something new, even if I missed the gigantic all-over-the-sky spiderweb hit. Damn it.


  1. What a gret job of catching lightning in action. These pictures are wonderful – all of your pictures are wonderful. Some day I will spend some time on Culebra during the "off" season so that I can experience thunder and lightening and the weird stuff that seems to happen at this time of the year!

  2. Thanks, as ever, June! You always give me a lift.

    Weird probably (what do I mean, PROBABLY?) happens all of the time, but in the quiet of off season, it's as loud and bright as thunder and lightning...