Saturday, October 24, 2009

Slow Saturday So Far

It's early yet but already the morning has that languid feel to might be sunny or it might rain, it isn't cool and it's not hot and there is only sort of a breeze. It's as if the day has the energy of a lizard on a rock in the desert, why move if you don't have to? I'll see what happens; it could be the beginning of a train wreck or a miracle.

These miracles are good enough for me, right now. One for drama, one for calm, one a reminder to keep on going and see what happens next. There seems to be a theme going on here. Works for me.

My days of dawns on the hill are waning and every one has been a gift to enjoy

I didn't even notice this ball of bougainvillea until I glanced up looking out my door
instead of straight ahead -funny how you can literally look completely through
amazing things that are right in front of you

And then there was this man, out early to fish...
but even the pelicans are being lazy around here...better luck somewhere else

Have an exquisite Saturday - you know you can!


  1. I am inspired! No beach to enjoy, so we'll find a different set of gifts.

    This crisp morning, the autumn leaves are afire more brilliantly than any we've seen for years. Tomorrow, we're going to do an all-day drive up the Mississippi bluffs to Hannibal and return on the Illinois side via the Illinois River, to take it in. Last week I saw a kettling formation above the Missouri River; too high to identify with binocs, but I'm nearly certain they were white pelicans, early by two months. We'll keep an eye out for them tomorrow. It's as close to a Culebra reverie as I can muster...

  2. It's all just another kind of beautiful (easy for me to say!)Can't wait to see a pic of the white peli's when they show up!