Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

(Who would YOU rather party with? I mean, c'mon!)
Today is the day when, according to the story, Christopher Columbus discovered America. From Wikipedia on the subject:
As in the mainland U.S., Columbus Day is a legal holiday in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. In the United States Virgin Islands, however, the day is celebrated as "Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands Friendship Day."

Of course, contrary to what most Americans learn in school, America wasn't the only place Mr. C *discovered* and celebrations are held in many places in the (not so new) world. There are even some - and I cannot imagine whom they might be - who would hold to the unanswered question; how can a place be discovered when it already has a thriving culture that is centuries old? But hey, we're white, we're European based, and if we consider it discovered, it's discovered and we'll make a holiday out of it if we want to! To celebrate or not, that is your question. He was a hell of a sailor, despite not having a clue where he was, I'll grant him that. Any landfall is a good landfall!

Of much greater import to more than a few of us is the Un-Civil Ceremony of Sean and Nancy, held in Maine yesterday afternoon. While those of us who could only be there in spirit stretched our imaginations and hearts far to the north, Laurie was there and took photos to share with us. A time of joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, but most of all a time of love.

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Wins Best in Un-Civil Ceromony cakes EVER!

A tangible and intangible love is going on here that covers a vast spectrum but perhaps was best expressed by what Sean read to Nancy:

Us Together

I do not like anything the way I
like you in your underwear I like you
and in your party clothes o my in your
party clothes and with nothing on at all
you do not need to wear a thing at all
for me to like you and you may talk or
not talk I like you either way nothing
makes me feel nearly at home on Earth
as just to be with you and say nothing.
--george johnston

Thank you Laurie, for sharing the photos. Thank you Sean and Nancy, for sharing your lives with us, your love with each other. Being far more abundant than any two people need, what spills over touches those of us who love you and flows back. That Discovery Day may not be in history books, but none of us will ever forget.


  1. love and friends...not much more any of us need in life....

  2. and let's not forget it...*smooch*!

  3. Congrats to Sean and Nancy, and when I say "Thats a Croc", I mean it as a COMPLIMENT! Very cool!

  4. MJ-- what a terrific commentary-- Know you were there in spirit. Love and hugs, Nancy