Saturday, October 17, 2009

Men at Work

Let the paving continue! Around my section of the world the side roads were getting paved. I came home to find a few little dumps of asphalt in the middle of my yard. Doing a come hither motion to the nearest guy, I pointed to the asphalt, made a sweeping motion, made a thank you motion. He nodded and in not too long a time, after they finished the road they were working on, the dozer guy came and scraped away the offending piles.

There! Not there! (who says miracles never happen?)

The whole process is pretty amazing, all sorts of machines doing their dance to make the road fat and smooth with asphalt. Yes, I'd rather it was concrete but the way concrete is done around here, I can only hope the asphalt will last awhile longer.


  1. Who knew asphalt could be so exciting? I wonder if "finishing" it with asphalt is some sign that it will not be torn up again, ever? I know, if wishes were dreams. . .

  2. asphalt mashphalt. Don't you have anything interesting to write about?

  3. Well, if I were a betting woman, and I am, I'd guess the caa caa is going to continue flowing downhill for some years to come...

  4. Oh! Missed your comment here, anonymous...yes, I do, and this is it. Welcome to the land of excitement ;)