Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday first, then Friday (like every week)

Yesterday was full of those funny little moments that keep life entertaining...well, my life anyway, which requires little to get full entertainment value out of a moment. The first three things I tried to get done didn't happen so I moved on to other people getting things done.

Tree trimming Culebra style - yes, that is a (very sharp) machete
and yes, he is standing in the bucket of a bulldozer

Our Thursday Librarian

Yes, you can now get any alcoholic drink you like at the beach -
here is Gretchen tending bar at Shadrach's kiosko

After a swim that left me feeling like I'd been to the scrubbed-and-rubbed spa, I ran into a couple of women I know at Shadrach's. Two new words got added to our all time favorite, 'stupicy', which took years to show up. Then suddenly two at once? Oh dear. But for your linguistic pleasure, here they are: 'survivaling', which speaks for itself, and 'volumptuous' which probably speaks too much for itself (the first person who can guess who was being described wins a prize). Enjoy and feel free to use these gems amongst your friends for moments of amusement.

Why am I not at the beach every day???

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