Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cool and calm and bright

79 degrees! Chill factor 74, I swear it! Even with the air almost completely still; even the fans are off. These mornings are so good and getting better.

This is from the steps of the Alcadia yesterday - I always have to stop and stare

We had a few white outs yesterday...
some place must be very important to get to for this person

This morning only has a breath of breeze and it's cool anyway!

Baby mangoes showing while I keep my fingers crossed

I'll be home today experimenting with bread baking, one of the offerings I'm hoping to have at the cart this season. So be thinking about what kinds you might want to order! That should keep everyone busy for a minute or two.

Yesterday I saw a little girl with ruby red shoes on. I asked her if she was going to click her heels together and she said no. I said, good idea, because you'd just be standing right here anyway! There's no place like home. Ruby Tuesday to you!


  1. Red shoes seem to be "all the rage" in America these days!

  2. I'm seeing a lot of gladiator sandals in all sorts of lame colors - gold, silver, green, black - super shiny. Super...interesting.

  3. boring bread. that's all my little old heart can take. but lets live on the edge. let's order blueberry strawberry bread with walnuts. :))

  4. Oh sure...why not have artichoke bread? How about pumpkin, with cashews? Maybe something with komba? Anything else? I've been to the edge; boring bread is just fine with me ;)

  5. Oh, the gladiator stuff is so last (this past) summer. What do people do with all these fad shoes when all is said and done?

  6. you are so making artichoke bread for me. :)) and i just saw a great sounding recipe for pumpkin brownies....

  7. Brownies I can do. I failed breadmaking 101 yesterday...TWICE! I'm going to use the machine next time, let IT knead, I can't.