Sunday, October 25, 2009

As Promised, a Culebra celebration of Don Monchin

A slow but good Sunday (there were people out! they were buying things! It's a good day and a very good feeling for me when my own work sells; two seed pod mobiles and some hot sauces, as well as a guy who came by and said the only thing he and his wife didn't like about being on Culebra was that they couldn't read my blog, so they got internet so they could). Plus, Jaime promising me another authentic pique recipe withOUT vinegar. I think we'll end up making it in the Happy Landing parking lot... I'm excited! Well, when moments like these happen, so what if it's hot? I'm breezin' high on good things like this! Thanks and gracias, y'all, for making my day, my week, my month. It's the moments that make the difference.

Posting this video took a while for no particular reason except that the beauty of the days has been taking over my senses and I felt like this should have a day of its own as a slide show. It is the evening of Don Monchin's book debut, as well as a celebration of the Navy being out of here.

(The day we stop the developers with evil island destroying schemes, along with the ones breaking the law, violating the land, all trying to prove they have bigger than Peter Peppers, maybe even the size of their greed and arrogance - yes, boys, you know who you are and so do we - I'll grab a sheet and do a slideshow of the joy in the plaza to celebrate)

In the meantime, this is to celebrate a real man and a real community who worked together to oust a death dealing violator disguised in the garb of the US Navy. Another one who promised to be here for the good of the Culebrense. Bless you, Don Monchin and all the rest who stood and fought and didn't give up and WON! May your tribe increase, as the battle(s) to save one small island from rapists never ends, it just changes faces and uniforms.

P.S. If you want to know the story, you can get Don Monchin's book La Victoria de Monchin (The Victory of Monchin) while you are here or just ask, we'll figure out how to get you a copy. It is in Spanish. If you don't read Spanish, the photos alone are worth it.


  1. Is there a way you could post some photos, it was very
    difficult to view. Can you make still photos from the
    video, I think on some cameras you can.
    I really love your sunrise photos. M E

  2. I actually did post photos earlier. I have looked at this on a Mac and a PC and didn't have any issues with it as far as difficulty viewing. Is anyone else having a problem? Thanks.

  3. I'm thinking Anonymous might need some glasses (who posts under Anonymous anyway???? it's almost spooky!!) Not only can I see it just fine, I love it!!!! thanks for posting and taking the time to make it....i know it all comes from love...

  4. Well, it is almost Halloween you know! Thanks, and yes...there is a lot of love...and thankfulness and respect.

  5. Lovely. Thanks for sharing. Wish we could have been there. I am still struggling to finish Copaken's book. In ATL, I need quick, mindless reads. I will have to save the end for a time when I have more uninterrupted time (you know - like on Culebra!). I could see your pix just fine; great presentation!

  6. Thanks you. I haven't quite finished it either. I get too upset to read more than a little bit at a time, even though I know the ending is GOOD!