Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Papayic Confession

I can't keep this a secret any longer, nor operate under false pretenses, though I've sort of tried. As much as I hate to admit it, I really do NOT like eating papayas in their fresh cut open state. I love the color of them inside (some person is probably naming a paint Tropical Papaya as I type) and out. I love the health benefits, and there are many - the enzyme action of them - they are a great digestive and a fabulous marinade component as a tenderizer.

It's not the texture, which is somewhat akin to an avocado, a gently firm slipperiness. I love avocados. Hey, I love raw oysters and clams; texture is not my issue. I even use them (papayas, not oysters or clams) in my hot sauce, as it blends beautifully with mango. But all by its naked self? I just don't like the taste. There. I've admitted it. I feel so much better. I may be able to cancel my psycho appointment with...well, that had best remain private.

So when I picked my first beautiful papaya, I threw it in the fridge to stop the ripening and to give myself time to ponder its use. Sure, I could put it in the freezer for use in hot sauce, but it was my first! It was special. It deserved a better fate. I cut it open tonight with just such a brilliant purpose in mind. It would be part of a marinade for some pork chops (the can can style, with the long tail that is served at Dinghy Dock and that I found at Milka's...and it's a really good deal, in the freezer section - check it out!) I wanted to grill.

I took some little Goya cans of OJ and grapefruit juice (who cares if it's canned for this), some minced garlic, two kinds of basil, some tarragon, racao along with the peeled and cut up papaya and threw it all in the blender. Oh dear god! The chops marinaded a few hours and then to the grill. I think this marinade would work equally well with chicken or fish (I'm going to try it with tilapia - I might try it with eggs, or chips or ice cream - but not Ann's Paradise Gifts ice cream, that would be embarrassing). It's not a confession to admit I LOVE Goya products. And yes, if they'd pay me to say that, I'd take the money in a heartbeat, so anyone who would like to let them know my blog is riddled with Goya references, please have at it. In the meantime, yippie for Goya. Milka has actually started carrying some of their Mexico products (we don't get all of their products, what is THAT about?). Click on the picture. Check it out.

So this is how it turned out, tender and muy delicioso. Wanna bite?

And no, this isn't Free Range Friday on's just a cooking sort of day. Wednesday, October 7th, 2009. Ann's birthday. Happy birthday dear Ann, happy birthday to you!


  1. You know, I just don't know what to do with papaya, but your marinade concoction – excuse me – recipe, looks intriguing. I forgot that papaya, like pineapple, is a good tenderizing fruit because of the enzymes.
    I use Goya products quite a bit, because I like them and, often for some reason, they're less expensive than other brands. The nectars and juices come in handy when fresh is not available.

  2. There really is a lot to do with papaya if you want...makes great jam/jelly for one thing. Also, mixed with say, strawberries or bananas it makes a fine smoothie in the blender. The marinade worked wonderfully on the pork, it was butter soft (well, still is, I'll have 3 meals from that batch). I have a bad habit of not being able to cook great pork chops so tender ones, infused with all that good flavor, are a treat.
    Glad to know another Goya fan!

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  4. You did do do mean as not anonymous?

  5. Loves me some Goya Mojo Criola for basting pig. Bought it at our local Cuban grocery, La Tropicana. I need to see what else they're carrying.