Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday begins

The big, good news is that the general strike held on the big island went off without any violence! The big bad news is that it won't change a thing. The people got to express their frustration and fears, the government got the message and continues to ignore it. Pretty much status quo. The ferries did run, contrary to early morning news that they would not. So today should be back to whatever we consider normalo!

The sun is shining now and it is pouring a short lived rain. That is a fine example of normalo!

Free range Friday will be highly dependent on the veggie guy today, to go along with another ingredient I'm going to have, so we'll see what happens with that later on. For now, here are a few photos of some various and favorite things:

The sky this morning

A perfect tomato (when that garden tomato flavor bursts
in your mouth you know you've got something good going on!)

The half and half horizon yesterday afternoon

Dudley, for Laurie (he was being hilariously camera shy)

If this is a weed, who needs fancy?

One of the rainbows from yesterday

Sugar cane for my bro!

How does your mango bloom?
Notice the new leaves...they are so happy!

More later on the food front! Have an excellent Friday!


  1. i wish your blog was updating in Reader....i just saw this. Oh Dudley!!!!!! i love you!!! your mom and dad are clearly taking very good care of you as is your Auntie MJ. oh, and like most things, he's scared to death of cameras...go figure. Steve gave the poor guy a complex. blame it on the ex.

  2. RSS is not updating on blogger for some reason. quite a few people have asked why it's not updating...sorry!!!!!!!!
    Hopefullyit will be fixed sooner than later! (which in the world of online versus the world of my life means... tomorrow maybe?)