Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I thought this might be a good thing to post early, just in case it happens...

By CB Online Staff

Top commonwealth officials said Tuesday that protesters who block ports during next week’s general strike would be breaking federal anti-terrorism laws.

The warnings came following comments by Truckers Front leader Víctor Rodríguez, who said that no products, including food and gasoline, would be allowed to be transported through island ports during next week’s general strike.

“Nobody, nothing will leave,” he said. “Not water, not gasoline, not any supplies.”

For the rest of the article, go here. Trust me, it gets more crazy quickly. Of course, between now and then, who knows what will happen? There are a lot of very upset and unhappy people over on the big island with a lot of time on their hands and not much to do with it. The people still employed stand with them as they know they can be next. We're sinking to third world-ism in a big hurry. Thank you Governor(s) and the rest who have heavy pockets among the thousands more with lean.

More later!


  1. Yikes is right. Keep us posted on this one. When hearing things like this, do people run to the store to stock up?

  2. June, you can always email me! caribemj AT gmail dot com.

    I have no idea what will happen but they did this before and it got a little thin around here, so better to be aware it might happen. It's rough over there...

  3. The update is that the unions say they will make sure there is plenty of gasoline and food (stores and gas stations open) and there will be peaceful protests. The ferries running still appear to be iffy.

  4. I wrote what I wrote because that is about the big island, not Culebra - it's that simple! Two very different places. To me it was like saying, there might be a storm coming, stock up! And then, yes, you have to decide, do I really want to be there if that happens? And wa la, you've got your answer!