Thursday, October 1, 2009

A bit of this and that Thursday

And it keeps on coming:

(from MC Hawking's Crib)
The stupidest thing the anti health care reformers have said yet.
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The following quote is from the Investors Business Daily, a site that bills itself as "leading commentator on the key issues of our time," and claims that their editorials are "rigorously researched."

I assure you the quote below is not taken out of context. I encourage you to read the whole editorial for yourself here.

Here's the quote:

"People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless."
Apparently, in the course of their rigorous research no one uncovered the well known fact that Prof. Hawking was born, and has lived his entire life, in the U.K.

I found this lovely, mystical video while looking up information on the guy whose blog referenced above.

Then there is the local version of an old joke (and lord knows we need one, it's getting nasty over on the big island) that was sent to me. This is the *translator* version, not grammatically correct but close enough to get it.

An Israeli doctor says:
Medicine in Israel is so advanced that we will remove the
testes to a person, we put another six weeks and is already
looking for work '.

A German doctor says:
That's nothing, in Germany we got him part of the brain of a person,
put it in another, and within four weeks and are looking for work.

A Russian doctor says:
That is also nothing in Russia medicine is so advanced that it
we got half the heart to a person is put to another and in two
weeks, both are looking for work.

To which the Puerto Rican physician answers:
Nothing to do, you all are far behind, look to us
in PUERTO RICO, grabbed a person with no brain, no heart, no eggs,
We made governor and now the whole country is looking for work!

[note: I know PR is not technically a country - I fight with suppliers all the time about it - but in local parlance to many, it IS a country. However, here on Culebra, we are our own country, and that's how THAT is]


Out in the garden the papayas are getting their first color. Lustfully, I have seen papaya trees in yards that aren't 682 feet tall, but any I've grown before have been way out of my eager, albeit height challenged reach. At last I have a tree acknowledging that my reach does not exceed my grasp and I'll be able to pluck these off with fair ease!

When gardening in America it wasn't unusual to have volunteer plants grow from seeds fallen the year before. I could weed and happily pluck off juicy, tender cherry tomatoes as a snack while working. My very first volunteer plant has grown here, an aji cabellero. Obviously growing for awhile and escaping my notice by hiding among the wild oregano I saw it today, with glee. I won't be snagging them for munching like a cherry tomato, though.

Rumor has it our road is finally going to be paved. I don't know about ours, but the road in the abomination called Coronel behind Genesis got paved (why, when the project has been legally damned, as well it should be? Why ask why?) but maybe after two years, we might see a reprieve from the ka-bumps and ka-bongs of our daily drives, rattling us and our vehicles like dice in a cage being shaken by Koko the gorilla. Isn't the mayor just a wee bit ashamed of how Culebra looks, like walking into his home and finding empty pizza boxes and dirty glasses on the floor from two years ago? If we could only hire a maid to clean it up...oh wait! He can!

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