Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That time of year...

In the next week and some, there is a sort of mini exodus from the islands. People are heading to the states to see family and friends or off and away somewhere else, more businesses are closed until the weather cools off and the season begins. It is getting very, very quiet. For those of us not going away, it is sort of the reverse of Spring Cleaning, a time to refresh, renew, repaint and revive ourselves and our belongings. Except it is so hot, it takes three times as long. Which is okay, because we HAVE three times as long!

Today I will start a repaint on the cart. I can't do the front, that is Mark's job, and will wait until November so that the sun won't beat it up before the paint is dry. But I can do some, and I will. Some of the colors are bound to change and change is good. I hope.

As a pale light comes over Culebra, I'm checking out the colors in the yard in the yard for inspiration. Purple and green....hmmmm.

The one orchid blooming is in full glory.

Up on the hill, honeysuckle is growing rampantly

And finally! My sugar cane (3rd attempt) is coming up. Excitimento!

The heat has given the gardens some stress, but hopefully that will be past sooner than later and I can get back to eating tomatoes from the vine.

Good Wednesday to you! Good trip, CH!


  1. Yippeee! Got Sucre Cano! I'ts up!!!! Well, now we will see about who gots de only Cane treats on de Bridge!

  2. Exacto...I'm going to cut them up into hand sized, like Dad did...