Saturday, September 12, 2009

Magic Light Time

No matter where you live, unless you can't get the sun to stream near your sky right before sunset (and I'm sorry if that is your situation), magic light time makes everything more beautiful. And so it was this afternoon.

Earlier, out of almost nowhere one of the radar bits turned into a rain on us. First glittering in the sun while I played with the dinghy engine, in drops that looked like 1/2 inch slashes of wet light, so individual you could almost count them. They felt good after a hot day at the cart, like someone holding a hose on mist a long way off and only the last of it reaching my skin. I walked in it to Genesis to see if they had the spark plug I needed, but alas, no...out of 30 or so! He'll get them for me though, next week. Once home, the rain got more intense and I decided to concentrate on what to make for dinner, day 2 of eating down the house.

I had some leaf lettuce and eggs to make a salad (after my leftovers from the pasta/chicken for lunch, I wasn't hugely hungry). Best of all, I had a little jar of bacon grease put away from one of those times I got a craving for bacon, twice a year or so. No bacon but who needs it when I had the grease? Get it smoking hot - I sauteed some minced onions and garlic while it was heating - and drizzle in a beaten egg or two. The egg blows up, light and feathery. Now work fast. Take it off the heat, adding a good splash of vinegar - plain cider or white is fine, I happened to have some tarragon vinegar so I used that. Dump the mix onto the lettuce, add a pinch of salt. Mix it up, with your hands is best. The lettuce wilts down, the sharpness of the vinegar wafts up, mixed with the bacony grease smell and it is time to eat. I tossed on a few mini purple basil leaves. This is one of the few things I make that has to be eaten right away to have it at its best. So I did!

(right before mixing)

While I was eating out in the gazebo, I noticed magic light time was approaching. The rain had stopped. I got my camera and took a photo of what first drew my eye to the light. The mangroves have pretty much circled in my little dock making a good frame for viewing.

Walking out on the dock I got dessert in the form of a double rainbow out the bay. Joy! And another hit of gold. This all happened in about four minutes...magic light time isn't called magic for nothing!

Full on Saturday night...


  1. beautiful magic light....

  2. It was a lot more beautiful than the photo. For some reason when I put them up here...something gets lost. I'm not sure how to fix that...