Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday, must be housesitting day

Surprise surprise. I got the call yesterday that housesitting is again needed (well, dogs, cats and house sitting) for a couple of nights. So today I will head back up the hill. I left a few things there anyway; meaning, this works (since I surely am NOT walking up Vietnam hill unless I left something of much more serious import - like leftover sushi or something else I don't have).

A couple of things I got in my emails are worth putting out here today, at least I think so and while I may not yet have attained my dream job as Queen of the World (all they have to do is ask as I have been ready for years), I am Queen of this blog!

Researchers at Kingston University in the UK found that an unmade bed is less appealing to dust mites, since the linens retain less moisture.

So, there you have it. One more reason to not make the bed. It's for your health! This factoid is brought to you by Ideal Bite.

Somehow, the way that concrete is made around here, I don't think the following would have much of a chance of working, but I thought it was very cool. Not the surround or the way it's mounted or the faucet fact, nothing but the sink itself, but that I really like!

What do you do if some self-absorbed cretin comes tresspassing into a neighboring (privately owned) yard and with a chain saw and a municipality electrical truck (for the hoist) cuts down a magnificent tree so his new girlfriend can have a good view to the sea from their house across the street? Well, in Culebra, you can't do much that would accomplish anything. Everyone know, no one say, as it might be put in the Virgin Islands and here the same, except in Spanish I don't know. And even if everyone talked, in the end, the tree is gone.

All I could, and did do was glare at him while putting a magic circle of rocks around the valiant remains, which are sprouting anew. The glare said, touch it again and you are going to find your view considerably changed, bucko. He didn't seem terribly impressed, but he did drive away for the rest of the afternoon...and his girlfriend too.

While nothing of any note is out there on the horizon, the sky is overcast with whiteness today. There is still my favorite very green corner of the bay though. No matter what the weather, this spot seems so remote and pure and untouched. The only time it is ever disturbed is when fisherman pole in there to catch bait. I hope it stays like this forever.


  1. Nautilus sink is way cool. Is it from your place of duty?

    Maybe the chainsawer might require a bit of vigilante justice...and not the Culebra usage. Are those nads blocking anyone's view?

  2. The sink is just something I saw online...but I'm sure they'd love it if I installed it while they were out!

    I've thought about it with his trees, trust me. But I couldn't do that to the trees...