Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just a little Pearl

In addition to all things quiet below, I thought I'd add this for my brother, who happens to be my best bud.

He is selling one of his favorite things, his little camping trailer, named The Pearl, to help move along the building of his A frame up there in them Nort' Car'lina mountains. The Pearl is very cool (like my brother), practical (sort of like my brother) and can open your life up for not lots of money (totally like my brother...my little brother...did I mention that?).

Your partner likes Nature but doesn't like ground contact? The Pearl! You don't have an SUV and don't want to need one? The Pearl! You want to not sweat in bed? The Pearl! You're losing your house and will be on the street? The Pearl! Better than a dog, it doesn't need to be fed or taken to the vet's to be your new best friend.

Check it out. Click on the photo to be whisked directly to The Pearl. He needs more interior shots but hey, I'm his big sis, not his PR rep. Talk to him!


  1. Thanks Sis, very sweet of you! Sure do love that Pearl though! I'll miss Her, ALOT! (unless nobody wants to cough up $1500 bucks) Then we will travel more highways and byways together for years to come!

  2. Oh yeah, I'm sweet as fungi honey bro! I know...I know. Someone will want her, she's fun, And fun is good! And good fun is even better! And more blocks for the A frame make a home (and screw that sweet bit, I NEED a retirement home for when you tell me...oh, that's the sea in those valleys and I'll believe it)