Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mid-week report

When did anything seriously major happen on a Wednesday? Well, it would depend, of course, on which Wednesday we're talking about. But if we're talking about today, here are some things that happened. You can find more here.

Caesar Augustus was born in Rome, 63 B.C.
(sorry, no baby pictures)

John Paul Jones defeated the ship "HMS Serapis," 1779

Lewis & Clark's expedition ended [where it began, St. Louis], 1806

William J. Duane, the secretary of the treasury, was removed from office by President Andrew Jackson because he refused to withdraw government deposits from the Bank of the U.S. and place them in state banks. President Jackson appointed Roger B. Taney as his replacement, 1833 [Wednesday politics as usual]

The transistor was invented, 1947 [typical Wednesday invention]

The planet Neptune was discovered by Johann Gottfried Galle, 1846

(yeah yeah, another Wednesday, another blue planet found)

Even with all of this, Wednesday always seems like a non-day to me. I don't know why, maybe it's the neither here nor there of it. The middleness, the on the fence, the 'oh I wish it was some other day, any other day' of it. I guess that could be an attraction to some, but not with my nature. Not that I mind doing much of nothing, I just don't want it forced on me, you know, sort of like being told to NOT think of an upcoming icky thing, or to not be impatient for something wonderful. Where am I going with this? Nowhere! It's Wednesday!

Some Culebra Wednesday's I have known (and some you have known too).

Benny's lobster trap

From out in the country

From one end to another

The day the truck fell over...and then the dozer fell over too

Sean down here and out sailing...a good Wednesday indeed

Beauty moon Wednesday

Note: After going over some of these, I realize I'm the biggest spoiled Wednesday brat I know. This is regular? I just shook my own it when that happens!

Have a major Wednesday of the best kind. Please!
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