Sunday, September 13, 2009


What I do for you, my gentle readers! Ok, what I do stupidly, too. I was ready to post this pretty photo of these, my first ripe habenaro peppers. Then, as I was labeling it, I this absolutely a habenaro? What if it was one of the dulce ones, when I got the seeds all mixed up? So I sliced off the most wee bit from the bottom and put it to my tongue. Sweet! Damn. Oh well, not being one to waste, I cut the pepper in half and salted it lightly and right before popping half in my mouth thought...hmm...maybe I better be sure, so I stuck the tip of my tongue to the sliced side. Ai caramba! Habenaro! Immediately my tongue and then lips were on fire so I get a swig of milk (no tomatoes around) which helps. A little. Then I made the grieveous mistake of scratching my nose. My nostrils are still on fire, which, despite washing my hands with lemon juice, will hopefully keep me from touching any other part of my body with my habby fingertips. Good lord! that was from the barest touch!! I think one of these would heat up a whole batch of my hot sauce...absolutely the hottest habenaro I've ever encountered. Not that I usually eat habenaros. But they are so pretty. Maybe habenaro vinegars with a rosemary sprig...with a *use sparingly* warning.

And I've got lots of them, most green but a few turning red. Peppers from hell. I've got to find my Hot Sauce Lali Dama Glenn (post office Glenn) and give him a few...I think even HE will be impressed. Yikes!

It was way too hot to even think about eating today so I waited until around 5 when it was cooling down to start making something for dinner. It was going to be couscous and something or other, but it was just too hot. I had lettuce. I had hard boiled eggs. I had tuna. I had curry. I had onions and basil and racao (PR cilantro) and salt and pepper and...what?? No mayo? Tearing apart the few shelves of my mini fridge yielded up no mayo. Plan B.

Ok....I had garlic paste and a tiny bit of blue cheese dressing. The curry was already on - drat - how weird would it be? Not weird at all, as it turned out. In fact, pretty good, though I'd still opt for mayo next time. I think something about the racao made it work (cilantro if you can't get racao, but my garden is full of the stuff). Yes, I could have made my own mayo, I had eggs, I had oil. But I didn't have the ambition. So goes day 3 of eating down the house.


  1. Am I allowed to laugh? hard? with tears running down my face? can't wait to hear Glenn's reaction!

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  3. Not only is laughter allowed but encouraged. I'd laugh with tears too but then I'd have to wipe my eyes and this stuff goes right through cloth towels. My hands are prunes, I just washed them again, since I scratched my chin and now IT'S on fire...I put the peppers in a tightly sealed container, using long kitchen tongs. Even when I washed the cutting board, the hot factor rising from it made me cough. Insane! I'm afraid to go to sleep...maybe I should wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt...and goggles.

  4. Holy Capsaicin, Batman! The first time I made jerk marinade from scratch, I had a similar experience, except that it included a trip to the men's room followed by a milk bath. Rubber gloves are a must...

  5. That's Batgirl to you, bucko! Yes...gloves are good if you KNOW you have Hades' habs in your hands!