Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mowing the yard

I always make fun of my psycho landlord (a term of endearment, regardless of its truth) for mowing my yard and some of his other properties in the highest heat of the day. He's one of those sorts that gets rashes from any number of plants and critters so he comes to the task in long pants and long sleeved shirts, collar turned up high. And a visor.

So yesterday, when I decided I could at least do part of the yard (it's a very big space), he came over and took the mower, which is electric and fun to use, somewhere to make sure it worked properly before I gave it a go. I laughed and said, "No hurry, unlike you, I do NOT do things like this in the hottest part of the day!". Eventually he came back with everything apparently in working order, while I was sitting in the gazebo reading and eating a late lunch.

It was cool, with a bit of a breeze blowing. And shady. Well, of course, gazebo shady but I've planted sea almonds that shade the yard around the shack, so it felt cool and comfortable. The grass was calling the mower. The mower was calling my name. I answered. My mowing outfit? A sleeveless dress, socks and Keens (fire ants are not my friends). No hat.

Rest stage uno. Even the chicken coop looks good!

One of my favorite *corners* of and shady almost all of the time

100 feet from my bed (100 foot cord gets me to here -
Greg will weed whack down to the water, yippie!)

What I didn't remember is that the worst of the tall grass was not in the shade, but by then, the pure pleasure of mowing had taken hold of me. The natural grass on Culebra is really pretty and thick, if kept under control. Growing up in Florida, where St. Augustine grass (another word for scratchy hard grass that people call weeds in other locales) is the neighborhood norm, coming hear and finding this grass is still a pleasure to me.

Hot feet, sweaty head, pretty yard

I got enough done that I could sit and enjoy the fruit of my labor along with letting the throbbing in my head calm down. But this morning as I walked the yard, it really kicked in. No dewy feet and ankles, just pretty yard...sweet! Now if I just had another 100 feet of cord...

Stinky! Shower appreciation 101

It is raining now, refreshing the newly cut grass. I know that in America brown spots in a lawn are frowned upon, but this ain't no lawn and it isn't America either! Keeping joys simple. Life is good.

Happy Wednesday!

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