Sunday, September 20, 2009

S L O W Sunday

A good Sunday. A slow Sunday. An *if I had the NYT's, I'd still be in bed* Sunday. I got down to the cart today after coming home to feed Ms. Cat and water the garden (even though it rained a little bit last night). Suddenly I was re-potting plants and digging in the dirt until I realized I still had my backpack slung over my shoulder. Sometimes things can't wait. Or maybe it is me. Perhaps.

At the cart the sun was shining, people were around, good things happening when suddenly the sky went black in the west, with lightning and thunder oh my! The air temp dropped and it was closing time. But not leaving time. The mini storm passed through and I re-opened in a drizzle, but a comfortable drizzle. The air was cooled, the rain gently pattered, I had a good book to read...what else is there?

But finally I ran out of shade and it was time to go. Back in my yard, the transplanted plants are happy. The cat seems resigned to my in and out pattern (just when she's sure I'm really home for awhile, I leave again...good thing she's a cat or she'd wonder a lot more), making sure to get a few scratches and rubs before heading out the door.

Now it is time to head back up the hill. Two dogs and two cats are ready to go out and play, no doubt. I guess the NYT and its Sunday puzzle won't magically appear, but at least I finished the crossword in our paper today, which wouldn't have happened had Will Shortz been at the helm.

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