Monday, September 28, 2009

Local Sunday

Yesterday was hot but there was some breeze, which made a lot of difference for me. After I closed the cart, I went to Dinghy Dock at Mike's invite for a glass of wine and to listen to as much football talk as I could stand. The only person not local at the bar was Zach the photographer, getting in his last Culebra meal before heading back to Florida.

This is not Zach, this is Lorraine - and Anita
(Lorraine DOES have clothes on, by the way)

The football fans had all sorts of team paraphernalia - shirts, hats, coozies, those mugs you put in the freezer, backpacks and I'm sure more I didn't see (and didn't want to see, really!). They had a magazine with yet more stuff you could order.

Mike, enjoying one of Norman's stuffed burgers,
along with other football fans of note, Sue and Dave and Taz and Ann

There was a computer with one game going while the television had another game, which would be switched as one fan or another requested a few minutes of *their* team. Luckily, Mike doesn't mind talking about other things un-sports related so I stayed awhile. But as the games got to their peaks, it was football time, signaling my get go moment.

On the way home, I stopped into Paradise Gifts to see Ann. She's gotten in these amazingly beautiful and unique necklaces from Bali. No photo can do them justice, but of course I have to try! Really unusual, great price. Check 'em out!

I was given a ride by this nice woman who had picked up some mango sorbet to bring to her son, who is on a gluten free diet(and by the way, if you like mangos, Haagen Dazs mango sorbet is amazing! Lawrence brought some over to the cart the other day and shared with me - a very kind gesture on a miserably hot day - and I was really impressed with how good it is - yep, we ate the whole carton of it). We talked about the new health food store (which I'll be checking out soon) and how good it will be to have that around, especially with Dian at the helm.

After sluicing the day's dirt and sweat off with a shower and drinking lots of water, I took a walk up one of the hills. It was nearing sunset time and had cooled off enough to make that a good idea. I finally found the goats that I hear all of the time and see on rare accasions, since I don't go out that way much. They are some of the prettiest goats I've ever seen anywhere, and I've seen a lot of goats, including the ones I used to raise.

When they saw me, they turned as one and headed to the edge of this little clifflette, jumping down and out of sight, one by one. By the time I came back, they had returned, so I don't think I struck terror in their hearts. They struck goat lust into mine.

I'm not sure whose property I was walking on, but I'm glad it's not closed off. Standing in the valley, surrounded by hills with nothing built on them and no power lines, there was absolute silence. No cars, no roosters, no television or radio noise, no humans. I stood there until the sun was getting low enough to nudge me along, as it would also be pitch dark there once darkness came.

How many places there are to be on this small island! And most all of them good.


  1. A health food store? Really? Really?

  2. You mean like Tina's? What is healthier than clear picante over frijoles y arroz?

  3. Something like that Doug, but different...