Friday, September 25, 2009

Free Range Friday...hold on, it's a comin'

Today is going to be all over the place for me. Down from the hill, to town, back up the hill, back home, and over to a dinner party later. Since I don't know what I'm going to bring for my part of the dinner (or for tomorrow's birthday party), it will depend a lot on whimsy and the veggie guy to see what happens for Free Range Friday's entree.

In the meantime, the view from the hill this morning was another sort of dramatic. I'd thought to not bother with a photo but as I was letting the dogs out it was impossible not to grab the camera and snap away.

I'm so proud of myself for putting in a new kitchen sink faucet yesterday! Not because it is a world class surgery but because the stuff I broke (hose from faucet to water supply, PVC ring) getting the old bits out and the new bits in were actually HERE on island (no ferry trip needed!) and not expensive to fix - and getting it from Joe's, that's saying a lot. In fact, the hose cost exactly the same as the old, at least eight year old hose that was on it before...marked in Mary's handwriting, in the same place. She smiled. AND, crawling around under the sink, I didn't burst, bang, bruise or bother any body parts. Which pretty much is a first in my life. Really. No blood? I must have been in a dream state...

Engine update. The carburator is now back in my little engine, all cleaned out. It still doesn't run right, but maybe it will magically fix itself completely because it at least does run now, just not at full throttle. Which, with a 2.5 wasn't exactly roaring anyway. We'll see what happens. I learned a lot! Like...where the damn thing is for one thing. Jack was incredibly patient with me and we laughed a lot while I learned all sorts of things to do and not to do. Even though it's not totally fixed, I appreciate the work done, mucho mucho. Thanks, Jack!! Your cake is in the mail.

I'll get back on the Free Range part as soon as I know myself what the day brings culinary wise!

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