Monday, September 14, 2009

Deja Voo Doo

Every day of every week of every month of every year I get the same questions asked of me. Sometimes people say, oh I know you've heard this a million times, but.... The thing is, I've never heard it asked by them! Sometimes, those old familiar questions feel brand new, because they are asked by laughing, smiling, interesting people who are making my day brighter and better. So they are new questions. And I ask back, and have new answers. The people who pass through otherwise, well, they are nice, but they don't engage. To them I am a shopkeeper, providing a service, and I do my best to be that person. We don't NEED to have a personal exchange, but it can sure liven up a slow day - and believe me, this is the slowest of slow times.

Maybe that is why I can take photos in my yard and out to sea from my yard and I am still entranced. I often think of you, reader - are you bored with pelicans and that same view with boats and that same hill? And if you are, I understand. But for me, it's new every day, literally, and that is what this blog is about: whether it is nature or politics (shudder) or food...the point of this blog is for me to say - here is my life at this time in time, in this place I call home; I like to write, I like to take photos - if you want to join in sometimes, excellent! Overall it's pretty much like Culebra...not much going on and we like it that way.

Yeah, again, sort of not, yes

Palm painted pink

Today Mamacita's closed, until October 30th! A far off date with which I'm intrinsically entwined as I housesit for one of the partner couples twice while they go away, come back and go away again. My on-island yearly up hill holiday. Yee haw! Susie's will be on mostly off hours as well - I'll post her schedule but right now I don't have it to hand. I should, I housesit for her as well! (more reasons I don't have a dog, but oh my, I saw a cutie with Marcia today...three months old and feet like saucers, if you are yearning for a big beauty of a dog, this guy is the guy). If I had to pull her schedule off from memory, she's open Wednesday and a weekend day or so....she's posted it around the island and probably on facebook. I don't know what The Spot is doing, but I'll try to find social life is so ling ling-less, information wise.

My ling ling (at the cart, go to Di's Garden to get your own! a buck!)

From the bridge, out to sea

I was actually trying to enhance my social life this afternoon. There was a birthday party on the reef and I bought a new sparkplug, thinking that might fix my little engine. So I took the old one out, put in the new one, pulled the starter cord and wa la! Zoom! So I changed into swimming togs, made up a good dip, packed up beverage bits and...the engine would NOT start for love nor...well, not money but sweat? I took OUT the new plug, reinserted it, tried everything my ignorance allowed and no go. So my dinner tonight was small tortillas made into crisps for scooping a bit of dip. Not worth a photo, trust me. Brown dip (which WAS very good, refried beans with cumin and chili paste and garlic and sesame along with racao, but ugggggglllllyyyyy). Toasted tortillas cut into points. Five of those and I was done. Freaking ignorant me. I know it's something SO simple. Well, tomorrow I will drag a teacher down to the dock with enticements of uh...great thankfulness and a show me how to fix the sucker.

Pretty almond green my foot...c'mon home soon, Sue & Tuck!

Another glorious day in Paradox.

Like the swallows of Capistrano, the machines come back to dig up the roads, just in time for oncoming season. What this time? Fixing the screw ups of last time? Who knows?
Why do the swallows return? One of the life mysteries of Culebra.

I could make a song about contradictions would sort of be like Aretha Franklin's RESPECT...but just a little different. Or maybe...a whole lot the same?

And then, when you think you just have opened yourself to the most good, a higher joy comes along. This is my granddaughter, after she just scored a goal in her soccer game. Glory!

You rock, MonkeyGirl!


  1. Did she just ask if we are bored with pelicans and that same view with boats and that same hill?!?!

    Hell no!! I for one, live vicariously through all offerings of words and pictures regarding Culebra until such time as I can live it myself. I am very sad that we will not be able to come down for Halloween. We got ourselves all hyped up about it but never got around to buying tickets, which turned out to be a good thing because something else has interfered. So, until Thanksgiving (and even after please!), keep it up with the same ol' same ol'!

  2. Oh, I wasn't proposing changes (not at this stage of my game!), just acknowledging my repetitive theme song!
    You can dress up in a costume for Thanksgiving, it's okay!

  3. Deb,

    Imagine my level of addiction to this soothing missal.

  4. Oh my, at first I thought your were writing a swan song. I plummeted into the depths of how before you started your blog I only had my own memories of Culebra stored in my pea-sized brain to lure me out of the funk I feel for about 7 months of the year. I never, never, never tire of the photos and the stories – never ever.
    Your granddaughter is gorgeous. Perhaps she shows a resemblance to her grandmother?
    Oh, and I'm very excited that some special friends from Culebra (who happen to be Carlos and Yari) will be visiting with their family next week. So another little piece of Culebra will be brightening my day!

  5. Ah and the other six people who read this make my heart happy (I'd say, soar like an eagle but that would be a little over the top, though I DO use the line when warranted...partially because it's so damn GOOD, and partially because that is one of my all time favorite movies). Truth, if I get to share some of my tranquility with those who love Culebra as I do (and my rage with those who don't get it), then, it's a good day in Paradox.

    Sloane is her own fabulous self. If I can be a shade of her and her Mom and her Auntie Sarah when I grow up, I'll be extremely delighted. No doubt, so will they.

  6. Oops! forgot to add, have WAY good fun with Carlos and Yari!

  7. girl, you of all people, will never be boring in my book. :)

  8. laurie, yeah...well. It's all a matter of reference, isn't it?