Monday, September 7, 2009

Colors of home

I *almost* had this ready to post this morning, but doing a few things and then a few other things and suddenly it was 'get yourself to the cart' time. But I got to add another color, so it all works out.

These - except for one - are from a walkabout in my yard to see what the rain brought. Even though I'm as familiar as I can be with the weed flowers that spring up, they are still a good and beautiful surprise when they appear. One of the smaller purple orchids also decided to make a blossom show, which I love as they last forever, it seems. Another that I grafted onto a tree is finally showing signs of life as well. I thought it was a goner for sure, but that is the joy (and horror, when you wake up to a once healthy one dead) of never quite know what the next day will bring.

Purple (lavendar, if you wish)

Pink (I hear you "No, that's fuschia")

White (yeah, not a color - well, I beg to differ!)

Blue (true)



Orange (and yellow and red and black too)

Grey (unfortunately, it didn't suck away Costa Bonita)

I was on my way back from Dakity after cleaning my dinghy's very overgrown bottom when I saw this spout. It got quite large before falling apart and seemed symbolic in a way...but I'm sure that was just my warped mind. I'm happy to report it only took one try to get back in my dinghy, though I have to admit my extremely ungraceful belly flop not being seen by anyone was a help. At 2.5 hp, I didn't exactly fly back in, but the dinghy felt about 40 pounds lighter.

Today truly was beautiful. A day to be in or on the water, or both. Maybe it was the past week of gloominess or maybe it was the bright blue sky, the sun truly out, a makeshift umbrella and a little bit of business with a lot of smiling people, but the day shone well. I bid it adieu in hopes of one like it tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful. Too bad about CB not being sucked up into that waterspout. :(

  2. Well, with the bad cement, maybe it will just crumble away on its messes up so many photo ops!

  3. I've heard that the sound between Cayo Norte and Culebra is the most prolific place for spouts in the northern hemisphere. I've seen them there, twice; one time there were 4 at once. Ever see any info to substantiate that factoid?

  4. I know the current is crazy through there, but I never heard the spout theory. I've seen them at Flamenco a lot, had one touch down while we were in the water - it touched near the tank, we were by the entrance - very cool...I'll ask around but I bet Ms. Laurie would know...

  5. no...i have no idea. I know that i have seen an awful lot right where this one was....Bill Kunke would be the expert to ask...