Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Brief breaking of the bans. There is a meeting tonight at 7, at Don Monchin's, concerning the desecration that Victor Gonzalez is wreaking on the salt pond and the beach, along with tearing down the Shark Pens...

How can I not attend this? The man is a menace (tale of Two Egos - if you met Victor Gonzalez and Mr. Dubon and only had a vibe sensor you'd SWEAR they are the same guy...arrogance just rolls off of them, though one is short and dumpy and one a South Miami pimp lookalike - but the vibe?? pure nasty elitist arrogance, genetic twins) .

Two of our guys took down LOGS he had his workers put up to block entrance to the beach access...the next day other, bigger logs were back up....this is AFTER the court decided against him in his attempts to close off a public area that does NOT belong to him. So every move he is making is against the law, not just against our outraged sense of propriety. Just so you know.

Ok. And then, back to no news is good news. Really. Squid scallops back in the fridge. Couscous on hold. Again.

Gin and tonic? Works for me as a thermos drink!


  1. Theresa and MA need you and your powerful words to stand with them. It's OK to shut out the crappola from the states, but never give in to these insects who would strip your home of its beauty for a lousy buck. GRRRRRRRR indeed.

  2. All is well. I wish the sentiment *lousy buck* was relevant, unfortunately, that is deaf ear syndrome for these guys. But some fruitful ideas and putting them into action came out (I was pretty much an observer, but I did find I could follow along pretty well!), so it was good.