Friday, September 11, 2009


While waiting for the reality of the post below to happen, here are a few photos for your viewing entertainment.

Sitting at my table last night a golden glow
caught my eye as the moon came over the hill

These are Puerto Rican tomatoes...or at least that's what the package says!
They are looking the best I've ever grown here, so maybe it's true

No doubt you've been on pins & needles, wondering how the Peter Pepper Project is going.
Very well!

This requires a bit of a story. I have, through the weirdness of facebook and other friends, re-connected with a friend of mine that I've been out of touch with for about 20 plus years. She doesn't own a computer, or a cell phone which doesn't surprise me at all and just confirms she's the same Marti I knew and loved. She writes letters, actual letters. She'd written me a bit back and somehow the letter got lost and I only opened it last night. No doubt, she heard me laughing all the way to the Midwest. She said that our mutual facebook friend told her my hair now looked white from the photos she's seen (it's actually two-tone spy hair, wet, dark, pulled back salt & a little pepper, let loose, white??) and she wondered how much I've changed since she came to Florida to see me back in, as far as I can guess, 90 or 91? 92 maybe? Anyway, she remembers that it was my birthday, and a big party at this apartment. I had on Flagler Beach. She took this photo of my brother and me. I sent it to my bro last night and he said, I don't know what we were doing but obviously, I won! I first glanced at this and thought, damn, that guy looks like my brother. For myself I just remembered the bathing suit...but whatever it was, I'm laughing so I know it's me. Sadly, I do NOT look like that 38 or 40 year old me, but my brother doesn't either, so I WIN! Not really. He looks pretty darn good. Brat.

The rest of the day will be devoted to making the food post happen. Well, almost. Have an excellent Friday!


  1. Can you plant anything at any time? How long do the plants live? Just curious. Being in the north east, my garden is on the downside now (and as you know as a gardener), I'm already thinking of what I'll be growing next year!
    Love the pictures, especially the moon, which always looks different from Culebra than here. Last night at 8:32 I ventured outside to view the space shuttle. There was no doubt that it was not a satellite or plane. It was amazing how bright it was. It would have been pretty cool to see it next to your moon!!!!

  2. Pretty much year round gardening, yes! This has been my best year, but almost all in containers - I had some *control* plants in the ground and they don't even come close - which of course, now makes me want BIGGER containers to have some jerusalem artichokes, kohlrabi, things like that...I miss having those - and they are not for sale anywhere around here!

  3. you win. he's sucking his stomach in and you're not (you are using the law of gravity)....always lay flat on the sand... great shot and better yet story!

  4. Ah my dear, back then, gravity had nothing to do with it. I was tossing around 50 pound boxes of cashews and pistachios at shows all over the country, and rehabbing apartment buildings...I remember hip bones! I do!