Saturday, September 19, 2009

Talk like a Pirate Day

For some reason, Talk Like a Pirate day has never shivered me timbers. I think it is because I have known pirates and they are amazingly well spoken...though had they lived 150 years ago, they...nah, they still would have been well-spoken. But there is something in the silliness of it that is appealing. And I like this ukulele, which is only $200.00 from an online store called Inexplicable Confetti.

I don't play the ukulele but if I did, I'd want it to look like this one.

Dawn this morning was another excellent show. I am always so glad that I wake up early when I get to see these quickly changing bursts of color dripping all over my world. And amazed at how, in mere minutes, it can go from breathtaking to just plain regular, poof! Like the last prolonged clapping after a magnificent musical or ballet performance, stretched out to hold on to the last heart quickening of aural and visual joy, I take photos to remind myself later in the day, oh, that really WAS an amazing way to begin this day, no matter what happened next!

What happened next wasn't bad anyway. Sitting at the cart, chatting with friends, a few visitors around, a few sales. Then a friend came by with a deep cleaning question and did I want to go with her to lunch? Sure and yes. We went to Dinghy Dock where Norman made us his stuffed burgers, on the recommendation of three people who had just finished with satisfied groans. It was a long wait but well worth it...cooked right and stuffed with jalepenos, cheese and bacon....and then he put more cheese on top. Not exactly eating light, but if one is going to splurge, well then...SPLURGE! And the fries were perfect too.

Then I gave my deep cleaning advice and a bit of elbow grease for the how-to example. Halfway through a Grateful Dead oldie album (no, of course it wasn't an album - but since every time I hear that particular one I'm transported back to Gainesville, Florida and my rock and roll days in a house called...naturally...The Zoo, it will always be an album to me...I can even hear the needle touching the first track) and a lot of laughter, it was go home time. One shower down. One cat fed. A trip up the hill. Two more cats and two dogs to go. I'd better do the same.

The day has cooled off, the breeze has picked up. It's an absolutely gorgeous afternoon in Paradox...maybe the sunset will be for dessert?


  1. The stuffed burger is on my to-do list for my next visit. MMMMMMMMM.

    Also, maybe it's just local usage, but in these parts, we call any collection of songs an album, whether it is delivered in LP, cassette, CD, or even 8-track format.

  2. Well,'s obvious what age of folk you hang out with!

    And yes, the burger is a must have. Once a year.

  3. Like Warren Buffet's cousin, Jimmy, I grow older but not up. And by-the-bye, I still have examples of each medium listed except 8-track. Had a few of those until about 6 years ago when a friend bought an classic 196x Olds Toronado with a factory stereo with 8-track player. His next birthday gift was a no-brainer.

  4. Dougie, you rock! He must have loved that gift!

    I personally almost sort of skipped the whole 8 track thing. They didn't like me and I didn't like them.

  5. Dougie does rock! and i have a question. Talk Like A Pirate day?

  6. Click on the link, dearie. A guy with some big PR smarts, who I'd say...likes pirates and knows a whole lot of people do too. Now, getcher an idea, matey...