Saturday, September 5, 2009

Letting go

Erika's remains are worse than anything Erika had, and worse is relative...simply a rainy day. But a rainy day making this Labor Day weekend a soggy shadow of its *coulda been a good one* potential. So after fussing and fretting all morning, I finally decided to just roll with it.

Whenever a potential hurricane is near, I always make a huge pot of soup in my 5 quart crock pot. Beans with chicken or beef or split pea or whatever will take a small amount of time to heat up, will go well with rice and will make us feel happy and full if the rest of the world doesn't look too tasty. Thankfully, it usually just means I have a LOT of soups in the freezer, or I give away the majority and save some for regular meals.

This time it is split pea with ham. I believe I've mentioned here more than once my affinity for split pea soup. I can eat it no matter what the temperature and still enjoy it. But on a rainy cool day after sweltering weather, it is a very welcome meal to throw in the pot for heating, cut up a scallion or two and tap on some of the Hungarian hot paprika I got when on St. Thomas. I love this paprika, even though I've never been able to use an entire tin of it before it gets rusty and clumpy. And yes, I've put it in the freezer in a bag but then I lose it in the vast depths. God only knows what is in the bottom of my chest freezer...thar could be treasure, matey! Or...a lot of paprika.

There is another aspect to this symbolic letting go. Sometimes it is enough to make the rain stop. You can't do it on purpose, you really have to let go...And it seems to be working. As soon as the soup, well, ok, it's more split pea mush the way I make it, was in the bowl, the pounding decreased to a soft tapping and is still on the wane. The thunder is retreating. Of course, I don't dare look at the radar until I'm done eating, but who knows?? Maybe I'll be able to go to town and open...someday.

The cat, looking like it is winter.

The yard, which will be in glory soon from what is finally a very drenching rain

The radar, which shows it makes absolutely no sense at all as to why the rain is slowed down

Life is weird, and then it gets weirder. And split pea mush for brunch is very delicious! A good friend sent me the new Pat Conroy South of Broad which means I think it is time to climb in next to the cat and fall into a Carolina mood.


  1. how about a recipe or two for those great soups?
    I could have used a nice soup on this gray cloudy day too. and I never use my crock pot.. I got to dig it out :-)

  2. I love my crock pot! It's way too big for one person, but I'm fairly rotten at cooking for one anyway...noshing works. However!! It has its uses...I think I put the recipe for split pea here once (totally easy)...I need to get back to What's in that Friday's...I think I'm almost ready to do that again and soups will be on the list.

  3. LOL! I brought a tin of that paprika to Culebra and stored it in my pantry, and it was a mess next time I came to town. Live and learn.

  4. Maybe putting it in an old spice bottle (the kind with a stopper) would work? But I just wish they'd sell it in a smaller tin...have never seen it in a smaller one though

  5. perhaps it should be incorporated into a new hot sauce?? it truly is the best...i have a tin in my pantry, but here in Maine, life is good, and the paprika stays paprika. :)

  6. Thought about you while watching Erika's spin. Glad it wasn't as bad as predicted. Was in NC during that time. Actually, I do think of you often :)