Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hiatus and eating down the house

One of the things I truly enjoyed about being away was that I didn't have my computer with me. I did borrow a friend's to check the weather, but that was about it. No news WAS good news! This week I've sort of inundated myself catching up with local and world news and it has not been a good thing. I'm feeling angry WAY too much of the time...and achieving nothing by it. Killing is out, so where is the fun of it?

The truth is, the world is insane, in case you haven't noticed. I want to clear that up right now. That is one of big the reasons I live here on Culebra. But every place has its own issues to take a stand for or against, a good thing to be involved with, not a good thing to be driven crazier by. But moderate is NOT my middle name, I go way overboard and not being the unemotional sort either, it's always WAY overboard. The other truth is, the world is also incredibly beautiful. Notice that as well.

So. I've decided to give local and world politics a rest for awhile, declaring my own mental health month. God knows I'm in the perfect place for it, as was pointed out to me again today. There are hikes and swimming and fish to be caught. Gardens to play in. Books to be...oh wait, I already do that. Well, other stuff. Good stuff. Not melt my brain stuff. And you don't have to read rants for awhile! It's win win for all.

Just Say No to Crazy News!

So with that said and done, I thought I'd get back to a food Friday post. I'm tired of the name What's in that Friday though, so I'll name it something else, most likely equally annoying to my brother. Later.

One of the things I'd like to do, as we are nearing the end of Knock on Wood season (ok, we are exactly halfway through it, but who's counting?), is to follow a bit of a trend I have seen and liked, where you don't go shopping for a week (or two or three, your choice) and can only use what is in your fridge/freezer/pantry to cook with until game over. I've mentioned this before but it seems an appropriate time to give it a go...AFTER I hit the veggie guy later today. Oh, and fishing doesn't count either. If I catch legal size, I eat! So the real Friday post will be a late one. Or even on Saturday, as Friday's sometimes go astray. I'll try to be timely. Really.

If the fishing's good, we'll do this sort of thing, minus half the fish on there;
I only have a dinghy, not a Bertram! - otherwise, think rice. It's nice.
(and I really do have sushi ginger & nori wraps in my fridge)

Either this will end with me smiling goofily and being very creative cooking and healthy as hell or feeling quite jonesy for things I don't really want to hear about. I can't help hearing things at the cart but will do my best to say, month, please. Political emails - just hold on to them for awhile; otherwise, I won't be opening them. Be gone, MoveOn! No more with you, Care2! Etc. There is way too much interesting stuff if I must be online...and lots more if I'm not!

I'm opting for goofy cooking hiking swimming fishing head. Bets on!


  1. photo credit? where? beautiful!

  2. Oh brother. No credit needed for either of those.