Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Calm Tuesday

While yesterday morning people seemed to come out of nowhere to be everywhere, by afternoon most of the visiting boats had headed back to the big island or St. Thomas (some here for the non-Erika show) and the streets were going quiet.

Today it seems the very air has taken on the same vibe of stillness. So it seems a fine time to mention a few things that have come to my attention online (and you who says you can read all this online yourself? You may go now, go about the rest of your day).

If you eat food, and if you are reading this you do, you have at one time or another run across the question of...is this still any good?? Well, StillTasty.com has come along to answer that question and more that you just didn't know you wanted to ask about food. I love this web site! It's full of great stuff to keep you healthy as well as saving you money and time. What else do you want, them to cook it for you? Check it out.

Another site of long standing that I really enjoy when there is not much going on is africam.com. This site has a few live streaming cams in various areas around Africa. It can become addictive, I'm just warning you now. There you are, occasionally checking the window where this lake is, and then comes along a lion, or elephant or tiger or leopard and...you're hooked! They also carry the polar bear migration live out in Churchill, Canada. That season starts in October and is pretty fascinating...if you like that sort of thing - and I do! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my...ok, no bears. Oh, did I forget to mention they have a flamingo and eagle nesting cam as well??

But do they have these screaming meemies?

And one more. Did you know the Old Farmer's Almanac is online? Seems like a bit of an oxymoron somehow, but I like it anyway. All those old bits of yesteryears along with technology, sort of reminds me of myself. If you like gardening, cooking, astronomy, weird classified ads and a lot more, it's worth a look. If you like it, you can subscribe and get newsletters...yes, more newsletters!

And if all that old fashioned goodness gets you in the mood to do something requiring old time objects, there is Lehman's online catalog to peruse! Oh wait, that's two more, isn't it? Well, since I'm on a roll here....

lots of people ask me what kind of wax I use on my hot sauce bottles. I get it from Leener's, a great site with all you need to make wines, cheeses, beer, mead, sake, sourdough bread, sausage...you get the idea. They are a great company and I've enjoyed working with them for years now. You will too. ***This was an unpaid, unsolicted endorsement for Leener's that is also a not so subtle plug for ordering my hot sauce (but who ever accused me of being subtle?)***

Have a calm and peaceful Tuesday!

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