Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh gosh, is it Saturday?

Yesterday was dominated by one thing and one thing was hot. Oh, and it was hot. Really hot. Sticky, I-can't-take-enough-showers, where is the shade/fan/water hot. I talked to a lot of people about a number of things but woven in and through the front, middle and back of any conversation was - "It's hot." So, when I tell you what I didn't cook for Free Range Friday, I hope you can be kind, and if you are fortunate, not QUITE understand how hot it was. And probably will be today.

My trip to the veggie guy was fruitful (no pun intended). He had a bunch of neat new things and every time I thought of turning on the stove or oven I thought I was getting a case of the vapors. So I took the crimini mushrooms, the little tomatoes, the cucumber, the radishes, a green and a red bell pepper, scallions and a lettuce I want to call frisa but truthfully, I don't know the name of, but I liked how it looked and tasted (feathery and slightly bitter, respectively). I sliced and arranged and made a dip from yogurt, curry and a dash of worcestershire sauce and garlic of course. And a dash of hot sauce. And...wa la. Easy peasy. As each dinner guest stumbled onto the porch, wiping away sweat though fresh from showers, marveling at the heat anew, the cool look of fresh veggies helped make it seem a little less than hellishly hot. Soon enough, the fan created breeze and an iced beverage worked us to a state of anticipation and then enjoyment of a pasta and red sauce entree (and nope, you don't get to see it - I'd put the camera away).

Beside being hot, the atmosphere was just strange yesterday. Feathery clouds that usually signal storms coming surrounded the island most of the morning. They were incredibly beautiful and this photo does not do them justice but it will have to suffice since I don't have one of those 360 photo booths to invite you to step into. Sorry!

Then the afternoon brought a haze so heavy we wondered if Montserrat had blown up. It hadn't. And the Sahara dust map showed nothing much either. Maybe the sky was sweating? Another life mystery for another day.

And last but not least, as Jesse and Lawrence chatted amiably (in the semi-shade of the umbrella at the cart - not quite enough for two tall guys with hats on) about batteries and their merits or lack of same, using words I've read but never heard pronounced, like niCd, Lawrence pointed out something I do understand, finding faces in inanimate objects. Like Jesse's electric vehicle.

Don't forget to smile!


  1. Frisee. Hate the stuff! Costco sells a lettuce mix with that and red baby endive in it, and I always pick it out and put it on Lewis' plate. He'll eat anything. . .

  2. Well, that was close, thanks. Good to have a Lewis in the house!