Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rain blam

Walking in the yard this morning one of the first things I noticed was...well, the moon over my shoulder, still high in the sky and 3 days past technically full, looking pretty full anyway. But next was my mango tree, which, I'm supposing in response to our good doses of real rains, is in bloom. This is blooming time for mangos here but it is only the second time this tree (that I planted from a pit almost 7 years ago) has actually blossomed. Last time there were a few baby mangoes that never made it out of teeny stage before withering and falling off, so I can't wait to see what happens next...but I guess, as usual, I'll be required to wait - regardless of my impatience.

One of my favorite resources for info on tropical fruits is Julia Morton's book Fruits of Warm Climates. The WHOLE book can be found online or you can buy it through various booksellers but at prices ranging from 92.00 to almost 300.00 dollars, I'd go with the online version (boy, I wish I still had my copy, which I got for a few bucks a million years ago - if you see one at a yard sale, grab it quick!) Here is the section on mangoes.

The next thing I saw was an aloe plant bloom. The colors of the aloe bloom are so mellow but so strong - a creamy coral and yellow that seems to have nothing to do with the aloe plant itself, which is a mottled green, sometimes leaning almost into a mossy grey green. These spikes just seem to show up full bore and here is one now!

There must really be a wealth of bait fish out there because the pelicans have been doing synchronized flying/diving/eating ballet all morning...

Have a subtly rewarding Tuesday!


  1. So, if your mangoes mature, does that mean you will be picking them in Late February or March? Mangoes are at the top of my list for favorite fruits.

  2. I'm not sure, but if you are around and I have mangoes, I'll share. If not, I'll find you some local ones if any are to be found!

  3. Well, Sloane has gone vegetarian (mostly). I'm encouraging her b/c that means lots of fabulous food coming out of the kitchen. The mango talk got me thinking about the cilantro that needs to be used & I think I'm gonna make a black bean and mango salad for when she gets home from school. I even have all the actual ingredients! http://vegetarian.about.com/od/vegetarianandvegansalads/r/beanmangosalad.htm?p=1 Miss you. Do you know if you can share a picture in a comment?


  4. I'll save a few bites of prime rib for her (if we ever buy prime rib someday)! The salad sounds really, really delicious, I haven't thought of that combo for ages. It also makes a great dip...and this truly IS what children (and grandchildren) are for; to cook for you! I know this is true ;)

    I don't think on this type of blog you can share a picture, but if you email it to me, I'll make sure it gets in the blog (you have an in with the author)!

    Miss you too, daughter dearest.