Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Fine Art

Good morning, gentle readers! Today, we will be observing the fine art of self-grooming. In case you are still in your jammies and haven't brushed your teeth yet, do not be alarmed, I'm not talking directly to you.

But first, from a wonderful web site with tons of information about all sorts of things wild birdies in general, is a question I'm sure many of you have wondered about. With the answer, so you won't be kept in suspense.

Q. Please could you tell me if pelicans have teeth? –Ewan
A. No birds have teeth. Pelicans (and many other seabirds) have sharp serrations on the edge of their bills to make it harder for fish to slip out, but no teeth. Birds swallow their food whole, and their gizzard (a muscular part of their stomach) grinds up the food so they can digest it. Gizzards can be amazingly powerful—some birds such as scaup and eiders swallow clams and mussels whole, letting their gizzards pulverize the shells.
Ok, now, for the show.

Each feather needs some work
Pelicans can twist their heads...bizarrely
Women who shave their armpits would love this ability 
Look! I'm not even on the dock! I'm a balancing KING!
Sorry, I couldn't help including this one
Are you done yet, Harry?
"Awright, ya look fine, let's get outta here."
Oops! I thought I'd posted this already and have been playing with new computer gadgets...where has the morning gone?

Have a tell-the-time Tuesday! Do something transitional.


  1. Hmmm, how long have you been able to hear these pelican conversations?

  2. Oh, about as long as I've heard all of the other voices...