Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday Funday and a few Other Culebra Moments

Yesterday I was asked, more or less, so to speak, in a repurposed phrasey sort of way, What do you do now that you aren't at the cart anymore? This was in reference to the blog and photos I used to take of street events that would pass by me. I hadn't thought about it much but it was a good question. I don't have an answer, I'm just 'watching the wheels go round and round' in a different way now. But I could definitely sit on a corner a bit more. I could. I will. I've Been Nudged.

Here's some images from Not Being On the Corner.

This dog keeps an eye on Genesis customers...and owners.

Touchdown! Actually, it was touchup, which is perfectly in line with how much I understand about football.

Continually amazing; such a big bird, so awkward, so ungainly, yet so precise,  after such a tiny object.
 The energy to dive and grab and shake it all off of that heavy body, only to do it over and over again.
There's a lesson in there...not far away..

This is some tea I bought from Superette Mayra when I was feeling particularly too-long-in-bed. It has the greatest packaging! Somehow, I have the idea from it that I will be able to dive from a very high ladder into a...say, a teacup...of water. Amazingly, it tastes pretty good too. Honey helps.

Brunch noshing at my salad bar
 And then it was time to head out the door.

Outward bound from town
The weather was full of drama yesterday. Out at the reef, we eagerly awaited the approach of a gorgeous rain storm. It slid here and there, finding its way to us. Eventually, the rain swept in and on and over and gone. It was beautiful.

Thank you, Rain God, you made some people very happy

In the dark we made our watery way back to land. Clouds had done a gone away and the stars were blaring, my old friend Orion dominating his movable space. It was good to be home. Maybe it was being on the water, maybe it was really chilly, but I dug out some light sweat pants and a long-sleeved shirt for jammies. I still have them on and the blanket too. Socks are going on next time I fill (not dive into) the tea cup.

Have a moveable Monday! Do something motivating. 


  1. I do not like dieters tea, it makes me runny and it isn't funny. I do like the pic of the horse and banana plants and I like the way in the Caribbean that it can rain over here and not over there. Sometimes you can look one way and it is a gorgeous clear sunny day and you look the other and it looks like the end of the world.

  2. Yes, they do warn on the box that you might want to be close to home. So far, so good here, but i'll keep that in mind! We get that weather a lot; I'll get poured on and friends on the 'other side' nary a drop, or the other way round. I like it!

  3. Many whine, but it is a major positive to me, Culebra's weather. All of it, except perhaps the h word. In particular, the unique conditions in Cayo Norte Sound. I've seen water spouts there twice; once while I was standing on Zoni in hot, brilliant sunshine. I figured I was blessed with the rarest of rare experiences until I read that that alley is one of the most prolific generators of these mini-twisters on the planet.

  4. Hey Doug, it WAS your rarest of rare experiences, go with it! Most people I know love the weather here, unless it is in extreme mode; we were really enjoying, that's all I know! And water spouts are radical, the big ones. I saw one come over and touch down at Flamenco once, it was riveting.