Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Last night was just way big fun around town. Dinghy Dock was rocking with David, Grady, Doug and Violin Guy making some fine, fine music. Susie's restaurant was celebrating her 4th anniversary. Hannah had her cart. La Boa Brava, lit up and looking incredibly good, the night view with lights is really sweet, check it out (she also has a facebook page, if you are so inclined to look and like).

I stole the above photo off Hannah's fb page, where she thanks Arte Fango. I was going to take this photo when I was standing in front of it last night but my photo taking skills seemed to have taken a bit of a nose dive. So, whoever took this (Jorge?), thank you!!! Sorry I wasn't patient enough to wait for permission. Oops! [editor's note: permission granted! Thank you, Hannah!]

Leaving Susie's to head home (just so you know? the salmon tartar appetizer is 5 star yumalicious!), I could hear the conga boys hitting the airwaves with their 'gotta dance, it's compulsive' rhythms. On the bridge were some of of my 'I can't believe you are this tall and old enough to be hangin' out on the bridge at night!' young friends, who called me over for hugs. Can hugs ever be sweeter? Yes, they can, but those were on the hit the bell scale.

I spent most of the early evening at Dinghy Dock, watching the crowd grow, the laughter swell, the joy sustain and build. It was sort of like a weird holiday family gathering, but you really want to be there and like and love most of the family members. I was far from the only one feeling that and I think we were all more than just a little high on 'it's so good to be together' vibes, with awesome music wrapping us all up. Thank you, lads! They will be playing one more time together at Mamacita's on Sunday around 4 if you want your chance. I promise I won't sing. Really.

 On the wall, behind Doug, there are the lyrics from Blue Moon. I won a bet with David and the loser had to learn the words and sing them. How did I end up singing the words? Thank you, Linda! And just so you know, there ARE 'guitar dry bags' to be found. WINNAH!!

I got my first sighting of the re-opened gas station too. The Gulf sign is no longer there (I'd love to know what happened to it, it was a classic), and it is all spiffy painted in great colors. Mary Keller got a wonderful shot of it during the day and gave me permission to share it with you.

photo credit: Mary Keller  '

This is such a great boon for Culebra! It is being run by the same folks who brought us Costa del Sol, the market near the airport. They will be adding a 'mini-mart' soon as well. We're stylin'!

Have a saturated with happiness Saturday! Do something sparkling.

p.s. If you can contribute some food to the AWC auction, get in touch with Darlene for more informations by e-mailing her at doegaro (at) aol (dot) com. 

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