Monday, January 30, 2012

Thanks, David and Don't Forget Your Raingear!

Last night was David's yearly swan song with the lads at Mamacita's. No doubt Doug, Grady and Ted (Violin Guy) will be entertaining us in the future, but we'll be looking forward to David's return next year!

Since David's father was one of the original Liar's from the Liar's Table (sign above), it seems pretty appropriate to play at Mamacita's for his last gig night.

A number of people were commenting on how four guys could get together with their talent and love of music, from such various and sundry places (David from up north, Ted & Doug from their boats and Grady, re-arrived from California) and be in the same musical groove like they'd been playing together forever. From Tennessee Waltzing to stroking that Moon Ribbah, and up ahead to beach music, rock and sweet jazzy blues, it seemed at least, pretty much whatever takes your musical fancy was possible to hear. Having watched a lot of people play a lot of music over the years, I've seen that magic happen before; just not in a long time. Culebra is a place where there is excellent music, but not much I can swing along with from memories. It's been way big fun!

I laughed last night thinking about how we all pretend seem to expect we'll be getting on the right ferry at the right time, for this protest about the ferries not running on time or not running at all. But hopefully, many of us will be heading to the Peace Park this afternoon, to make some noise about the crazy third world on-going and worsening running of our ferry transportation system. It appears the FBI is getting involved (I should site a reference here, but I forget where I read that yesterday, maybe a translation from El Nuevo Dia) in an investigation as to what is really the truth about the MTA's deplorably remiss running of their department. Good on 'em, I say! I'm seeing this is the groundswell of the wave.

Just don't forget, if you are going over, there is some big rain in the forecast and there isn't much worse than being wet and cold (yes, people from the north, we do get cold!), so prepare accordingly.

Have a momentous Monday! Do something making a wave!

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  1. I can hear the music just by looking at the pictures!!!