Friday, February 24, 2012

Free (de)Ranged Friday

This has been a wonderfully busy week for me, between seeing yearly visiting friends, getting some crazy calls (good calls, mind you, but crazy), the showing of the documentary Windfall, and adding an extra bread baking day plus a couple of other jobs. Truthfully, it would be less than average for a typically Western world person, but my life here is not exactly in that mold, so for me it has been a whirl.

The showing of Windfall was a success. A full house (meaning the 27 seats were full, minus one or two maybe) and some eyes and minds were opened to some of the 'other' side of the green power of wind turbines. If you have the opportunity, please see it. Both sides of the issue are presented by people in the midst of the issue pro and con and you can form your own opinions. The consensus for Culebra is pretty much, not so good for us in the commercial form. I say pretty much because I'm sure some people think it would be good and plenty. I want to thank Nancy, Lolly, Molly, Claire, Al, Mary Ann and all who showed up for making it a worthwhile moment in time. We're approaching the producer about a Spanish version, as has been requested; we'll see what happens.

Right now I am literally surrounded by bread, but just took a few minutes to go outside and look at the day a little closer up.

Some clouds, and some spits of rain, but don't let it ruin your parade!
The tide is OUT
A little birdie cries it's going to be a good day

And now off to sell some bread, hoping the rain holds off (though it was nice and cozy under the umbrella last Tuesday during a heavy shower).

Have a family (by blood or by heart) Friday. Do something fraternizing.

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