Monday, February 27, 2012


On the way to Sunday Funday out at Dakity, it looked like it might rain, so I cleverly decided not to take my backpack, but rather a large waterproof (sort of) bag for food, drink, etc. Of course, that meant I cleverly forgot to transfer my camera. So you will have to imagine the slashing rain squalls, the sun returning bright on water a hundred shades of blue and purple, John's parents looking wonderful (that previous photo of his father, fie on me!), a group of happy, laughing people.


I am sure more than a few facebook friends of mine are sorely tired of my continuous anti-Monosanto postings. I've been thinking about this a lot, why (beyond the horrid repercussions) this bothers me so very much. And I finally realized that it is the subversiveness of their work. If you, as an educated person, choose to eat McDonald's and drink soft drinks and snack your way to obesity and un-health, I'm pretty much of the mindset, knock yourself out. The uneducated is entwined but a different matter. What angers me is that this isn't about choosing to eat something you know is bad. This is about people who buy something fresh and 'natural', who try to eat well, and feed their families thoughtfully, who are buying food that isn't good already, from the moment it is created, by seed, by feed, by its very nature, be it vegetable, fruit or animal. The guesstimate is that genetically modified foods are probably in 70% of our so called healthy diets. That's a lot of poison we're eating, and it's been going on, unknown to the public for the most part, since the late 80's, and growing (no pun intended) exponentially, long enough that the results are coming in. Cancers, food allergies, deaths, the piper is piping and demanding payment. Countries are getting Monsanto out, but the collateral damage will take decades to eradicate. So, I'll try to hold back on the ranting postings if you will educate yourself and your friends and act accordingly. Because how can you NOT? This isn't about something that doesn't affect you, it is the very thing that keeps you alive and will kill you too early. There are plenty of ways online to find out what is going on. Please. Do. That.

This video is from 2006! (that means a half dozen more years to poison us)

Ok, rant done. I walked to town this morning and this is some of what I saw along the way.

But first, I had to leave my yard, in this place where the harbinger of Spring is falling leaves
Our seasons may be confused, but we do have them!
Pelis are always in season (ok, not always but they are here now)
Until they leave

This was about the light
Carlos' wall. I love this wall.
The El Batey dock
Make your own caption 
Drive through
Purple seems to be the paint of choice lately around here. I like it!
More stairs to nowhere
The man and his goat (thanks, Benjamin!)

Have a Monsanto free Monday (if that's possible)! Do something methodically. 

Best wishes to Neil on a quick recovery!!! (and no, I don't know details, only that he is over on the big island after feeling very unwell but word this morning is that he is resting well and waiting for a doctor there; send your best positive vibes/prayers).


  1. Hi MJ-
    I enjoy all pictures and commentary you share. I recently learned about Culebra and plan on coming out there sometime this year. I am inspired to start blogging again as we share mutual interests in cooking food and photography.
    Best regards-

  2. Hi Phil, glad you enjoy the blog; I know you'll enjoy Culebra! Good luck with your blog, send a note with a link when you get started so I/we can check it out!

  3. You got a lot of good shots for someone with no camera!

  4. ;) Mark, the top one is from another day out at Dakity, and the rest are from the next morning, that would be yesterday. Thanks!