Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Works!

Adding another day of baking here. Which, if it goes as planned, means getting up hours later! So here's a shameless plug about the bread for you bread people: if you can all divide up between Tuesday and Friday (what? You don't know each other? You can't just divide up magically? I think you can!), that would be awesome!

What I had time to do...are these the cutest rolls you've ever seen?
One of each, rosemary garlic, rye and hearty grain.
I call this....breakfast. And samples, if you get here on time.
Yesterday I headed to town to put up posters for the documentary Windfall, which (she says again) will be playing at the Cine the 23rd, Thursday. Along the way, there were machines and saws and people around the house caty-corner from Happy Landings. I asked what was going on; apparently trying to fix a drainage pipe that was emptying into the airport area instead of out to the bay. Yes, we can make water flow uphill here. I believe!
Maybe you've noticed all the new DRNA vehicles around, but this one...I want it! Ricky (our interim mayor) was there and I asked him if I could have a job with DRNA so I can drive this. He laughed. I don't think that was a solid yes, but it wasn't a no, so there is always hope.

He also asked what I thought about having a law that all vehicles on Culebra have to be this size...I said that would be the right thing to do...weight restrictions for trucks, etc. I think Bermuda has the right idea, one vehicle per family, no rental cars (this isn't personal, I count Carlos, Jerry and Dick as friends...well, I did). Or, I just read about an island off of Panama almost exactly fitting Culebra's description and there are NO cars, only golf carts. I know we couldn't do that as 4 wheel drive is an absolute necessity on certain roads, but...

Really, how cool is this?
One other thing I asked him was about the area when heading out to Zoni, where the cattle pens used to be and that were trashed when the guys were clearing the side of the road. Instead of a charming, picturesque spot (and you can't stop there, it's too narrow, that makes it even more special, to glimpse the little waterfall when going by), it now looks like a tornado hit it. He promised it would be addressed, a good thing. Certainly not the top 'need' priority of Culebra, but for a random moment on a walk, I'll take it. Especially when we see it get done. Now, about that water spillway across from the panaderia...

A couple more moments along the way:

Walking your friend's goat...that's a pal!
Woody, you rock! (there, friends of Woody, he's IWCblogger-cized now & forever)
I wanted to show a photo of Jane's arty trousers (that's for you, Karen), but the photo just didn't do them or her justice. They reminded me of that guy from St. John who paints clothing for a quite impressive sum. Jane got hers like that for real. Some people can just wear anything and look classy and Jane is one of them. I, truthfully, am quite the opposite, and deeply appreciate people with any positive, natural characteristic I don't possess. Some things you just can't learn. I'm so glad I have friends like that!

It looks like it's going to be another gorgeous day today, according to the radar. Since it is still dark, I'm just guessing. But all you short-time people here, you've been weather blessed! Enjoy.

Have a pick up your trash and take it with you Tuesday! Do something tidily.


  1. Those biscuits look great! I'd like to take a pocketful with me when I go out in the morning.
    Great photos! Walking the goat!

  2. Thanks! I tore them into a few pieces each and had some butter out to go with them and they only lasted through my first two customers! Yes, the goat is pretty funny. His owner (this guy is a great friend of the guy who owns it) takes him on his boat too. It's quite a sight, every time I see it I just laugh.