Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sweet Culebra Saturday

What Happened Later: Archie and Janet are back, so you know for sure it's a good time of year. Two of my favorite people who visit here, it was a joy to turn around and see them coming down the sidewalk. There wasn't much of a setting for a decent photo of them, but they are the centerpiece anyway.

What Happened Midway: After I did a couple of errands, I stopped by Ann's store (Paradise) to say hello. Linda and Francie told me I was just in time to help move a fridge...or two. It would have been done but of course, on an awkward turn, the walls were too narrow in the hallway. Take off the fridge doors or 'enlargen' the hallway? We went for the doors, though the potential Two Sisters Demo team should really have been going for the sledgehammer.

One fridge in, one fridge out, one freezer moved to the porch for sale (need a freezer?) Linda thanked us, with a pizza offer for later on, hey, it was a deal! Go to say hi, get some exercise and free pizza? What's not to like?

The first thing that caught our eye on the specials blackboard was the Wasabi Ceasar Salad, yep, we'd get one built for three people. And ok, the Oasis pizza looked good, but how about some pepperoni on that too (I decided not to push my luck asking for anchovies, becoming convinced that I'm going to have to carry them around like sushi snobs do sauce).

The salad was perfecto. Just enough wasabi to brush it into a higher gear of Ceasarness. And the pizza? Well, three old ladies, who have eaten a fair share of pizza, declared it one of the best pizzas they'd ever had. For true! What's on an Oasis pizza beside spinach, and in this case pepperoni? Good cheese, and uh...I'll have to get back with you on that. I only know I ate three slices, topping my normal one slice, and it was all good, including the crusty edge. Thanks mucho, Linda, I'll help you move a fridge any time. Next year.

I have no idea why I didn't take a photo of it, but I think it was because it just seemed to want to be eaten very, very now!

But our plates looked like this!
photo credit: unknown
What Happened Before That:

This Mama hen got a wee bit too close to Ms. Horse's hay - with a swipe of that big head,
the chicken took  brief flight, unaided by wings. It didn't stop her from dining nearby.
And just in case you don't know but wondered, how exactly do coconut trees grow? This is how. The 'seed' can be planted in the ground, but sometimes, many times around here, they will just decide to grow where someone throws them.

It is windy out there this morning! The sun is just touching the edges of the clouds in gold.

Have a Funday Sunday! Do something sea-worthy.


  1. I love Heather's Oasis Pizza, sans pepperoni.

  2. It would have been great without it, no doubt!

  3. I could use a big atypical pizza right now. All ours are Dominos, Pizza Hut, or frozen type... All the same...

  4. Sounds like a business opportunity to me!

  5. Mark, look into a Papa Murphy franchise. The concept is 'Take N Bake' They make them fresh, you take home and bake them. MMMMMMM. Their gourmet garlic chicken is superlative.