Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lola and Lucy Time

With two of my favorite winter visiting girls here and not being at the cart corner, where in years past I'd see them every day, we took some time to hang out at Dinghy Dock and Zaco's, finishing with ice cream at Willy's. Ok, they had ice cream. I was stuffed full of nachos and tacos (I ordered the goat special, if you'd like to know, and it was good!).

Lucy kept the tooth fairy busy this year! We were at Dinghy Dock for a sing-a-long,
but Lucy wasn't in sing into the mic mode. Hey, when you have a grin like that, that's song enough for me.
My present of sea glass and a couple of pretty shells, complete with a sweet note.
 Lola and Lucy know what their Island Woman likes. Thank you for that really sincere smile, Lola! 
We watched a mama and her babies in Zaco's backyard. Good camo.
Except for this brilliantly white chick.
It had a worm and no intention of going with the crowd. Mama gives chase.
The nachos at Zaco's are really good (no, Lucy, they aren't spicy (unless you put some hot sauce on 'em)!
The mojitos are pretty fine too, report David and Molly. 
On the way to ice cream, we ran into Computer/Balloon John and his wonderful parents
(I know they are wonderful because of the over-the-years worth of stories John has told me about them).
I'm looking forward to having a bit of time together before they head back home. 
Another day dawns in Paradox, where every day holds the 'what will happen next?' potential. I'm ready. Right after this next cup of coffee.

Have a slow it down Saturday. Do something softly.


  1. Yesterday I had a chat with a 10 year old and a 12 year old girls. Now refreshing! I seldom have the opportunity to talk to anyone that young except the bicycle boys on our block who terrorize our cats.

  2. I agree, it's refreshing and they blow into my life like butterflies every year! The things they notice that I wouldn't see, their humor, their sweetness, a seasonal joy (plus, their parents are pretty cool too!).

  3. The gods of the blogosphere reward their most lyrical authoress with the high duties of Auntie in Paradise. What karmic justice!