Sunday, December 25, 2011

Catching Up on Christmas (Eve Day Eve)

I have a feeling if I don't do this right now, before I head out for the parade, I'll never get it done. So for those of you not here for Christmas, this is part of what Christmas Eve (day and night) was like. For me anyway!

Grace graced

Waiting for Santa

I love this moment!
And here he is! (elf) hats off to Hector and Sandra, who do this for the children every year!


Look at her face!
A little bit of live action here (or Santa time you won't see in a mall)
And now, a pause as I go blow some time before the parties begin. Not enough time to go home and come back so I did a town walkabout instead.

Benjamin painting a New Year's sign on the wall

Other worldly - Culebra's front yard
While back at Zaco's Taco's, I got to hang out with Alicia and Fede before they went to Blue for a evening of fun (they are open tonight too, by the way)
We thought we might see the green flash. No green flash but a gorgeous sunset. This is from the vantage point of party #1
The ferry dock, all lit up and looking good. Great music too. I took a video but it wasn't working (not that I take very good video's but the whole point was so you could hear the music and what was mostly heard was wind. Not the same)
Hostesses of Party #1 and a fine fine time it was - 7 layer salad? Shrimp? Friends? Not necessarily in that order, of course. A water view of the world? What's not to like?

Party #2 with live music...and some incredible food and coquito too. Oh my!
And the band played on
Side band kazooing (she's GOOD!)
Sylvia in her Christmas vestments
Dee (Hostess #2 along with others) and Linda's gorgeous smiles
Kids just havin' fun. I tried to 'fix' the horses not really white eyes, but they looked so creepy I just left them as is. No, our paso fino's do not have ghost eyes!
Mary Ann, Hostess #3, with...hey! Sylvia's at this party too! With a hat.
I know, that's a lot of photos. But you got off the hook easily, this is about a fourth of what I tussled over. Hopefully, your Christmas day is full of what you want most (which I hope you have most days, really). It's gorgeous here, cool and breezy, sun shining after a little rain earlier in a sky so brilliant. All day long I've been hearing (and seeing) horses being ridden up and down my street, along with the occasional live music happening. The paraders are getting ready, and so am I.

Happy Christmas! Peace. Over and out for now.


  1. We were looking for the green flash too, you'll never see it with clouds, has to be perfectly clear.
    Hope you had a good holiday!

  2. I'm having an excellent holiday! Yes, cloudless is the way, but the horizon was actually WAS cloudless (looks like clouds, but that is really a range of hills/mountains)!

  3. A three party NocheBuena is a winner! Nice hostesses, including a surprise!

  4. Win win win! Life is good. See you soon!