Thursday, December 29, 2011


It wasn't only me. I talked to a woman sitting under a tree who agreed; yesterday was hot. The coolness of winter seemed sucked away, leaving me sweating wondering if our respite from heat was over. Of course, it isn't. This morning is cool, with a slight breeze and a spit of rain a while ago. It just upped my thankfulness for winter months. Walk on.

New Year's Eve here is so special, a family affair of gathered parties, from Abuella to the smallest baby scattered up and down the closed off road (don't forget, if you don't get your car off the road from about the Chinese restaurant down to the ferry dock you're going to get a ticket) with their tables and chairs, food and drink. The photos I usually take show the party, but it's hard to see, if you don't know Culebra, exactly where the main event is taking place. No longer!

At the plaza, preparations pre-New Year's Eve - or Old Year's Night - were hot afoot; pressure washing the street and plaza, the trash cans (thank you, Yoli, for making sure the only trash blown into the sea was sand and not anything else) and the parking area which will be the dancing/listening to the bands area. 

The stage. I don't know who is playing this year, but I've not heard a bad band yet.

One of my favorite views of town and beyond to Vieques. The winter boats are in!

My sea grape tree is really starting to take off. I like to use these leaves rather than  lettuce leaves when preparing a plate for a party. Lettuces should be eaten!
Dawn this morning made it look like the hills were on fire. Luckily, the sun isn't that close.
Have you been thinking about what you hope for in the New Year? What you want to do to make your dreams come to reality? Some may call them resolutions. Some may call it planning and working hard. Some may call it hope, with elbow grease. Call it what you will, this date that the universe blithely ignores is a time for humans to clean the slate, a good thing in the way of marking and renewing time in your lives.

And ye, who have met with Adversity's blast,
And been bow'd to the earth by its fury;
To whom the Twelve Months, that have recently pass'd
Were as harsh as a prejudiced jury -
Still, fill to the Future! and join in our chime,
The regrets of remembrance to cozen,
And having obtained a New Trial of Time,
Shout in hopes of a kindlier dozen.
~Thomas Hood

Have a think-about-it Thursday. Do something truthful.


  1. It'd be the bomb if an Hidalgo took the stage, wouldn't it?

  2. That would be awesome, and I hope for your sake that they do, and if not, a band that makes your heart fly!