Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Was That?

Light around here has some interesting ways of distorting what is right in front of your face. So that saying, I'll believe it when I see it? Don't.

I don't use photoshop. I'm not against it; I have seen many photos that stunned me in the good way, when someone with skill wields its powers. It's just not for me.  I use a small photo program that lets me straighten out a horizon (sometimes I forget - I have a bit of a hitchy shoulder from breaking it, so my horizons are almost always aslant), cropping, deepening color or around here, lessening it sometimes out of its wild intensity, sharpen some edges. It can do more, but I usually don't. Point being. sometimes I do not much at all because it's okay that somehow, the camera and light and subject just look like I want them to, even if that's a bit or maybe more than a bit, different than reality. And sometimes, it's the subject that is just plain caught out strange. Which is what is fun about taking photos. Surprise!

 And then...there is just what fits into the 'I like that, I'm posting it' camp. Which is most of the time.

I like the way the docks look here in the late afternoon light. The peli can stay too.
The truly discerning observer will note that pelicans sit on this dock. A lot.

One day, when I have a better camera I might not get these odd effects (and will catch a lot I miss now). Until then, the twist from reality to camera reality well reflects my Culebra life compared to any other place I've ever lived. Slightly askew, aglow with odd contrasts. Maybe I don't need another camera.

Have a world-view Wednesday. Do something waist-deep.


  1. Your first sentence made me realize that lately I've been seeing all kinds of twinkley lights and weird stuff out of the corner of my eye. When I turn my head to look it's always a piece of cellophane or something reflecting at me.

  2. Nice that it turns out to be something rather than leaving you with the perplexing wonder of 'what WAS that?'. (If you see too many though, you might want to hit the eye doctor up for a visit)

  3. Mark, as I was driving out the access road to New Mexico's Bisti Wilderness area after hiking back in the dark, I commented on some fireworks I was seeing in the periphery. When I turned to look it wasn't there. My companions explained that this wasn't imagination, but Navajo ghost walkers. Just a friendly heads up...

  4. Yep, with me it's usually ghosties.