Monday, December 26, 2011

Culebra Chrismas Parade, Not Quite All There

The video uploaded but to my horror, the memory card must have been filled up before the greatest float from Randaluz Ferreteria. And I even saw them when I was coming home, stopped outside my house for some reason, but no way to photograph them. I'll look for some photos online and see if I can share them, because it was a GREAT float! Rats !@#$%^!

Ah well, you'll get the idea, it was a fabulous parade!

Thanks for the goody bags, Santa and crew!


  1. Heard a familiar voice thanking Santa!

  2. Yes you did! He handed me a bag of treats...then someone else did too. One to give away, one to keep for those rare occasions I get a jones for something sweet.