Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back to our regularly unscheduled programming...and Happy Vernal Equinox!!

I'm not exactly sure why a heat wave is termed a's not like it wafts over you, but I guess it can smash you down like a wave can. Whatever would be more or less correct, we seem to be in the midst of an unprecedented one around here, which pretty much knocked me out for the count for a day or so. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. After climbing in and out of a dazy sleep yesterday until it was almost dark again and slightly cooled off I felt like I'd had some drug slipped into my tea for no reason at all. The cat seemed to feel the same, but I think she moved around a bit more than I did. Or maybe I dreamed that...

 But this morning I am up early and wide awake, reveling in the slight coolness lingering from the overnight hours - storing it up in some way to convince myself that it really existed, come mid-day. Or, I'll just take a cooler along and stick my head on ice occasionally (if you drive by when I'm doing this, please pretend nothing is going on), which might be more effective than my imagination.

I know there is a swing of things going on around here and that getting back into a fragmented dance step is not far away...but for now I'm wandering my yard and wondering how much water an avocado tree can actually drink before it looks happy again. Best plant in the yard prize goes to the bougainvillea, which seems to need nothing but a trace of water, lots of sunshine and being cut back severely every few years to thrive. At least that's how it works with mine. Not much attention and a lot of show...I like that in a plant!

Don't forget that tomorrow is Capt. Jack's Life Celebration, starting at noon at Mamacita's. Pat and friends have put together a lot of wonderful photos and other memorabilia that will bring back a lot of old time memories for many and some great stories for those of us not here long enough to have been a part of those days & nights, but knowing most of the players. As Jack would want, it should be a good party, with laughter and tears included. A Viking send off he wanted, and that's what he's going to have.

Edited to add: Today is the Vernal did that almost slide by me?? But caught in the nick of time, here is the skinny on it! Basically, it's a day that is almost equal in time of day and enjoy those dark hours if that is your bliss, because they are lessening into summer as we speak/type/read. In other words...Happy first day of SPRING!

Have a saturated Saturday, hopefully with joy and contentment. Do something supreme.

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