Friday, March 19, 2010

The good in a hard time

Finally, the internet is holding on long enough - I hope, as it's still flickering - to actually post about the best part of being away. Because, even in the cold was the warmth of my family. How long has it been since I've played Scrabble, or played with Play Doh? Or had my toenails painted periwinkle (never). And being with Sloane when she found out she liked blue cheese...pretty much.

I got to eat real Mexican food one place and experience a woman being really kind in another eatery  - a  'real deal' diner - that didn't take minors because of their smoking law - which she didn't mention until AFTER we'd all had a huge, delicious diner style breakfast. We wondered why we were being stared at but I just figured it was my gorgeous daughter and granddaughter...fried jalepeno, anyone?

My good friend Marti (who lives in Wichita and gave us so much in time and love) 
& Michelle at our first eating stop

Thanks, Marti! 
I think we've wiped out our Mexican

There is not much better to me that cooking with the ones I love best. Crab rangoon anyone? I am the only one who hadn't ever made them and I was pretty much the only one who didn't have a finger in the making of these...and they were amazing. I need the recipe, Michelle! I did get to help with the spaghetti and clams though, really.

The Rangoon Chicks

Somehow much of our play doh was 
And a mandolin from Elijah. 
Along with a version of Sloan's new iPod, of course.

A house you won't find on Culebra...gorgeous stone work

One of the beauties of stretching plains....
incredible sunsets that go on forever

This humongeous tree was behind my friend Marti's house
(whole neighborhoods of Craftman style homes,
with Victorian and Edwardian mansions here 
and there just to make you go ahhhh)

There were a LOT of trees, 
many like this onejust on the verge of budding

Nope, no photos of my Sloane painted periwinkle toenails, 
but I did get a shot of the results of playing with Sloane's hair...

...while we sat by the fire...yes, a fireplace! 
The suite was perfect for all of us, a loft and 2 bathrooms, 
lots of comfy beds, a full kitchen and well under 100.00 bucks a night. 
The staff was incredibly helpful with six people needing extra everything!
Thanks for the brilliant choice, Michelle!

So yes, I'm thawed out now and while it may snow this weekend in Kansas, the blooming trees aren't far behind. I think I saw a robin, but it was too far away to be sure. But the warmth was from more than the fire and the food, it was being together that kept any chill at bay. Again, thanks for all the help and love from so many heart is bigger.

Because no matter where we are, it's the love of our familes and friends
that, like the Hokey Pokey, really is what it's all about

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  1. oh, periwinkle toenails. i am so jealous! it's the small blessings in life....