Monday, March 22, 2010

A Viking send off ~ or ~ to new beginnings

Yesterday we took Jack to sea for the Viking funeral he asked for. His ashes were put into the boat that Lazy Jack built, with some Kirk touches in rudder and Viking prow. It couldn't have been a more perfect day. The wind right, his boat sailed true.. well, .with a bit of poetic license; it sailed as true as any boat carrying Jack would sail, especially one on fire.
A ceremony with laughter and toasts and Jack stories told. Pat gave us glimpses of Jack that many never had seen and gave Jack the send off he deserved, as a husband, a lover, a friend...and a crazy pirate of the Caribbean in the truest sense, right alongside being a father, a teacher, a work out and bicyclist maniac and the flattest bellied hard rum drinker I ever met. A good day. Jack's day for sure.  More photos on Facebook...


  1. what a wonderful celebration for a wonderful man...Viking ships rock. And so do friends that have such a woven life of love together....

  2. The love was palpable...and that is what carries us through, what is carrying Pat's huge

  3. You all have probably seen more on Facebook than you need of a parallel event in St. Louis, in the form of a New Orleans Jazz send-off for another Oner in my life.

    I hope Jack and Pat felt the vibes I was sending to them both.

  4. We're so lucky we got to know them, Doug...the memories keep the life. And I have no doubt Jack and Pat were/are tuned in.