Friday, March 26, 2010

Hot Sauce and Hot Sky

Yesterday was an unplanned hot sauce making day. It must not have been as hot as usual (the day, not the sauce) because I never felt overwhelmed with heat while the big red pot burbled throughout the day. Sometimes where I live I get tucked in from the breezes, but a fine one blew all morning to keep my world comfortable. Thanks, Universe!

So this post was only going to be brief, and about hot sauce. As I was typing, a bit of sky color caught me from the corner of my eye and I walked down the yard to see if it was worth shooting. Instead, there was this brilliant pink/orange contrail from a jet off to the east. I got a couple of shots and thought that would be it, but instead, it went on and on...and on and on! It looked like it was going straight up, but actually it was turning and coming back, directly over me. The contrail still showed up like fire and reminded me of many rocket take offs I've seen on the coast of Florida, that bright shiny thing hurtling through space... The wind was quiet and the original contrail stayed in place, though its sharpness was diminished. To my complete surprise, the jet began a turn, back along its original path, by now somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes before. On it sped, finally crossing its own loop before it began once again heading back to the north and away. Either someone has an awesome camera and they were taking photos of all of Culebra - and I'd love to see them - or, they were having a sunrise blast chasing their own tail. Or...never mind, that's enough.

In hoping someone else was watching this Culebra Sky Show but figuring not many were (the usual suspects might have had a hill or two in the way), I just kept clicking...and here is what I saw. Loopy in the Sky with Sunrise...

Don't forget that the gathering for Judy Anderson will be today, 3:30 at Mamacita's.

Have a forthright Friday. Do it for Judy.


  1. Waaaayyyy cool shots MJ!! Thanks for once again showing me the beauty of early morning without me having to actually wake up!!

  2. That video is so cool! Thanks!

  3. Aliens saluting Judy Anderson? ;-) Whatever it was (the Air Force according to Bill K.), it's beautiful to watch.

  4. Glad you all liked was pretty incredible...

  5. what a great way to start the day! And, the hot sauce colors are so beautiful - can't wait to buy some for my supper. Two more weeks and we'll be there. woo-hoo.

  6. Looking forward to seeing you!